What is the most relevant information to provide guests the day of their booking?


To ensure a five star booking experience for your guest, it’s always great to remind them of important information shortly before their booking or upon their arrival.

What are some things you always make sure to tell them before the booking begins? Have you found a creative or efficient way to do it?


This might actually be happening – and I’m simply unaware. Would be nice if Peerspace automatically sends guests basic info just before events begin with host wifi, password, contact info.

When guests arrive, I always make sure we’re texting DIRECTLY – and not simply thru the Peerspace platform – for better and more direct communication.

Could Peerspace’s automatically shore up this communication bridge – beyond the platform?


Hey Eric, thanks for your thoughts! Have you tried adding this sort of information to the “Getting there” section of your listings?

If you’d like, you can include details around accessing your space (and any other important info) here. When you accept a booking, your guest will receive an email with details about the reservation, including this information. They’ll receive an email with the info again one day before their booking begins!

It can be tricky to find, so if you’re interested you can read more here!


I have a written sheet I give people that has my contact info, Wifi password, emergency information, and which also goes over the house rules. I think the most important thing is to be available, either on-site or via text. Issues or questions can come up that weren’t anticipated, and being able to address them quickly makes for a smoother booking.


I review the house rules in person and go over any special rules which are often looked over (i.e., no smoking in the space, no shoes without shoe coverings, no access to the roof, etc). I send a text with wifi information, emergency contact and how to check out of the space if I’m not there for checkout.


We send written check-in instructions when the booking is confirmed that highlights important information about the booking and rules to assist with the guests’ arrival. This includes:

-Reiterating the booking date(s) and timeframe(s)
-Confirming the maximum number of guests allowed at the rate they are booked for
-Details on when doors will open (no early arrival allowed) and the rate (1.5 times the booked rate) for any hours over the timeframe booked.
-Parking suggestions
-Host/site rep contact information
-Wifi credentials
-Important rules and/or off limit spaces and rooms on the premises

We also like to welcome the guest and talk through the rules in person while also showing them commonly used features of the space (breaker box, light switches, A/C controls, handing over keys, etc).


Clarifying the wifi passwords, instructions on using our central air system, off-limit rooms and possessions (which should be packed away or hidden), and parking restrictions


the main questions I get are:

  • Wifi
  • how to play the music
  • the cat’s name (people love to know!)
    So I printed and laminated a simple little doc to leave out for guests…


Beyond wifi p/w, parking info, and if we have an elevator, I also like to point out where the fuse box is. Sometimes we’ll have film shoots that require lighting and other equipment so if a fuse blows they’ll know where to look. I also like to provide several restaurant take-out menus for the guests in case they don’t have a caterer and would like to order food in for lunch. A nice little touch beyond the Seamless app experience.


We always have someone on site, so last minute questions (last night’s was “Do you have any Band-Aids?”) get solved on the spot. When a guest arrives, if they haven’t seen the space before, I show them around (including noting the emergency exits and where the fire extinguishers are). Generally if someone is going to have questions about parking, etc. it will be before hand, but I give our phone number to renters in advance so they can check in and ask questions.

The WiFi network and password are posted in various places around the museum.


I try to give as much info as possible. Parking concerns, rules for the space, food, drinks, and table rental companies in the area.


I always remind them of parking options and also how to access the building and unit. Living in a busy downtown area can be confusing and overwhelming for first time guests, so making things as clear cut as possible alleviates any stress they may have on the day of booking.


I provide all booked guests with a printed sheet containing my contact info, Wifi password, emergency information, and house rules. Being available, either on-site or via text is important for a smooth booking.