Customized Booking Confirmations

I just realized I am manually repeating the same confirmation info for my bookings over and over. Stuff that would only be specific on how to access my space, load-in, etc. Tips that are great for new bookings. I know I can copy-paste the same message over and over, but it would be nice to have a custom auto-response to bookings. Anyone else feeling this? Or have easy tips to not overwork yourself with the same responses?


I would find that useful as well, i.e. to have what is almost always included with a booking. For us, that is the House Rules and directions/instructions for accessing our entry and loading dock. There are a few variations on these with each booking but it would be great to have a selectable (by us) set of information/documents that could be selected when sending a Custom Offer or when responding to a site visit request, etc.

We have people book and while they know the general area, they do not know the exact address which to send attendees. Is there a place for me to add this or can I add it to the description?

Even if it can’t be part of the listing, I feel it should automatically be sent to the customer upon booking as part of the confirmation message from the system.

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Hey Scott, @Paul_D, and @Rosemary_D,

Great news! Peerspace emails guests the address of your space, as well as any arrival or Wifi details you’ve added, as soon as you accept the booking. We also send a reminder email to them with this information 24 hours before their booking starts.

If you haven’t already, we recommend adding arrival and Wifi instructions to ensure guests have a smooth start to their bookings. More info here.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Grace!!! :grinning:

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Thanks, Grace! I figured it out! Just a quick FYI: I was told by a rep. yesterday that there was no way to send out an auto message to include this type of info and then told that other folks needed their questions answered and was told to email if I wanted to continue asking any questions this after about two sentences in. It might be helpful to get staff on the same page with this info as well.

Hi @Rosemary_D,

That’s great to hear! I know it’s not the easiest section to find/edit.

Thanks for the feedback as well. We’ll be sure all teammates are aware of this feature moving forward.