Pricing on Peerspace can be tricky. Use this space to talk through pricing strategies, from discounts to adding on additional services. Happy posting!

Product Feedback

This category is for all things related to the Peerspace product—troubleshooting issues related to your account, feedback, or useful workarounds.

Community Events

This category is for all things related to Peerspace Community Events, including:


Reviews are an invaluable part of building trust on Peerspace. For hosts, receiving them plays a significant role in your success. Use this category to share practical tips around hosting five star bookings and dealing with negative reviews.


Communicating with guests is one of the core hosting experiences on Peerspace. Use this category to post topics related to converting your inquiries and managing your response time. Whether you choose to connect with guests directly from your Peerspace inbox, via the iOS app, or by text notifications, we’d love to hear more about your approach!


Use this space to share best practices related to the day-of experience hosting bookings in your space. Some topics might include:

Host Safety

Host Safety is incredibly important to us. We hope this category can be used to seek advice and share best practices on keeping your space safe on Peerspace. Some topics might include security deposits, claiming damages, and the disputes process.


Use this category to:


Insurance can get tricky. This category is for hosts to talk about all things insurance—what types of coverage you might have and any relevant advice you’ve received from your personal insurance company.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Parties booked through your “Event” listing may include: birthday celebrations, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers, and performances. This category is for hosts to talk about all things related to these types of bookings.


Brainstorming sessions, board meetings, corporate off-sites—how to get more of these bookings and how to host a 5-star experience for the ones you accept.