Category Topics


Use this space to share best practices related to the day-of experience hosting bookings in your space. Some topics might include managing site visits, greeting your guests, or facilitating check-in and check-out.

Product Feedback

This category is for all things related to the Peerspace product—troubleshooting issues related to your account, feedback, or useful workarounds.

Community Events

This category is for all things related to Peerspace Community Events, including: upcoming community events & webinars, takeaways from previous events & webinars, ideas for improving the program, and questions about how to host a Peerspace Community Event.

Pricing / Payments

Pricing on Peerspace can be tricky. Use this space to talk through discounts, calendar and attendee pricing, add-ons, fees, the payment schedule, or even tricky tax-related questions.


Communicating with guests is one of the core hosting experiences on Peerspace. Use this category to post topics related to converting your inquiries and managing your response time.


Use this category to discuss the three listing categories, share best practices around marketing your listings, and to develop an understanding of your listing’s components - from cleaning fees to photographs.

Getting Started

This category is dedicated to supporting brand new Peerspace hosts with the tips and tools they need. Are you new to short-term rentals? Use this space to lean on your community for advice and support.

Peerspace Updates

From exciting feature releases to important policy changes, check in here for updates directly from the Peerspace team.


Reviews are an invaluable part of building trust on Peerspace. For hosts, receiving them plays a significant role in your success. Use this category to share practical tips around hosting five star bookings and dealing with negative reviews.


Keeping an up-to-date calendar is essential to your success on Peerspace. Use this space to discuss best practices when it comes to: operating hours, calendar sync, and blocking days.

iOS App

This category is dedicated to collecting feedback, exchanging tips, and sharing updates on our iOS app.