What Does Each Guest Receive Upon Booking?

I have always wondered exactly what each guest receives from Peerspace upon booking. It would be useful to know what information is included, how it is presented, and some hosts may have suggestions to enhance.

Perhaps Peerspace could send an email informing hosts that a subsequent email is on its way that is a sample of what guests receive.

Would be nice to see any follow-up emails, confirmations, and post-event communications as well.


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Me too! I think it would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Brad,

Great question! Here’s the timeline for booking-related emails:

  • Right after the booking is accepted: Your booking is confirmed for |START_DATE| - View details and invite guests
  • 1 day before the booking starts: Your booking starts soon
  • Right after the booking ends: Please review your experience at [SPACE NAME]
  • 2 days after the booking ends: How was your experience at [SPACE NAME]?

Emails prior to the booking have details about the booking and space (e.g. address, start and end time, payment, etc.). They will also have the Wifi and Getting There instructions if you’ve included this in your listing (which we encourage!).

We send an email to the guest if/when a booking is declined, expired, cancelled, or updated as well. Hope this helps!


My space is very private. With this now I’m wondering ( especially with this attendee review thing): would attendees now have direct access to my listing? ie the address? My space is not commercial and a renter understands this ( they are required to read the description and I go over this with them). Now with the attendees feature I’m worried there’s going to be chaos, they may share my address online. My country roads can not handle this. There was an incident in Fair Lawn NJ for an out of control party ( I wonder if this was a Peerspace property)? When a host communicates with a renter, there’s less likely a misunderstanding. If an attendee gets an invite from Peerspace, it looks like the host is out of the equation. When I had my wedding at a banquet hall, I sent out invitations, not the banquet hall.
I do hope this is not the case.

If you reserve your own space for yourself as a venue-billed guest, Peerspace will send you exactly what they send to other guests. I found that out by chance.

Also, I learned from the first booking for my meeting room is that it’s important to leave information and local menus in the room for the guests. Peerspace suggested that, but I didn’t take them seriously!


Hi Lesley, I missed this post. How do you reserve as a venue-billed guest? Sounds interesting, but I don’t see this option anywhere.

Hi. I don’t remember. Maybe I was confused between Peerspace.com and LiquidSpace.com. I know you can do it on LiquidSpace.

Lesley Kliger
(626) 786-2503 - cell/text

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