Info Sent to Guests Upon Booking

Does anyone know how to update the info that is sent to guests upon booking? Things like rules, Wifi info, phone number etc.? It would be nice to be able to update this manually but I’m not seeing anywhere to do it. Or do I need to email Peerspace to have someone do this for me?

I just had a guest show up a full 30 minutes early and come right on in. I was sweeping up and wiping down counters & such & they just started bringing all of their crap in. I think I need to add a reminder to those who book to tell all of the people involved to please not come early. In this case it was the stylists or client for a photo shoot. It’s like a million degrees out so I just let them in but I figure I can nip it in the bud in the future by reminding them to please tell everyone not to arrive early…that they are not entitled to the space prior to the booking start time.

Anyone have any idea if we can do this ourselves? And if so, where?



Never let them do this. Not only is it incredibly disrespectful, but they are effectively renting your space for free.

Also consider: If they come in before their booked time, they are not even your clients yet and from a legal standpoint, if they’re injured before their start time or after their end time, would Peerspace’ insurance even cover you?

What I tell people is this: if the place isn’t ready, I just tell them that we’ll be ready for you at such and such a time. If the place IS ready, then I cheerfully ask "would you like to start your rental early and just bill you the additional time?

They can’t really make a valid argument for free rental time (although a few have tried).


Once I book and get contact info, I send them my location terms - about arrival and wrapping and how to use the space, etc. Can you send them your rules upon booking?


Watch this video it will show you how to change the details you are requesting and if you want to change your rules please do so as well. If you want a video for the rules let me know.

@Deacon_T unfortunately, has a lot of experience with these type of guests and he is always shining a light on it for other hosts. Thank you. :grinning:


I feel like this is one of the number one issues we hosts have. It is so so frustrating especially since peerspace guests tend to arrive anywhere from 1 hr to 1/2 hr before the agreed upon shoot time pretty much everytime!

To answer your question regarding editing your peerspace posting:

Is it possible to lock the entryway/doors until the guests start time? Luckily for me I have a gate to my location that stays locked until the guests start time (they still bang on the door/gate or call/text me to tell me they have arrived and need in!). I answer back and say that the gate will open at their start time or I do as Duncan suggested - offer to let them enter early but only if they agree to being charged for the additional time.
I always let guests know that if they have not exited by their end time they will be charged an overtime fee.

One thing you can count on - if you let them - they will arrive early and leave late.

Something else you can do that really makes a difference is:
After they book send them a ‘thank you for booking’ message that includes parking info etc plus let them know that there are extra charges for early arrival and/or a late exit.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out again if you have trouble editing your listing!

Good Luck

I would charge them for the additional time.

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Before I even accept the booking I always ask “before we proceed with booking, can you confirm that your requested booking time includes setup and break down?”

And the week of their event, I send a message reminding them that doors will not unlock until the start of their reservation. And then a friendly reminder about vacating on time and when I start charging overtime. It’s tedious but it works! Hope this helps.

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