Managing in/out times


I would love if Peerspace can send a text to the guest (and hosts?) about a half hour or hour before wrap with a “time to pack up” notification or let them know that they can add time if needed . People often linger beyond wrap and I dont want to shove them out. I also run into parts of the crew arriving early eager to set up. That’s a hard one too. The time before and after the call can add up, and often guests dont take that into consideration.


I agree - I do my best to make it as clear as possible to the guest that the stop time is a hard stop and 95% of the time guests still go over the time and I end up being the bad guy when the end time was very clear.


Agreed. Seems like it’s the same thing every booking. Most of the time they don’t start cleaning up until their time is up. Seems like a quick text reminder would do a lot of good to help.


A reminder with a notification that O.T. kicks in if equipent / personnel / vehicles are still on the property after the agreed-upon time. My listing also tells them up front that they have a 10-minute grace period into the hour before the OT clock starts, but once it does, there are no partial hours. That usually gets them out on time :slight_smile:


This is a great idea…Upvote!


Early arrivals/late exits are my biggest frustration. I really like the idea of peerspace sending a reminder text - great idea!


We have definitely had people just barge in well before their booking, as well as those who are “almost out” 5 minutes before their end time, yet it still takes them 30 minutes to really be gone.

I am having less trouble in that I repeatedly stress what the start and end times really mean. One of the advantages of using Peerspace is that we can put rules and policies off on them.

For example, someone writes and says “We want to start our booking at 1pm, how early can we come to start setting up?” Response: “The way Peerspace works is that we unlock the space at your start time and you can begin to load in and set up. By your scheduled end time, we need to be able to lock up, with everyone and everything out of the space” [should also include “and off the property”].

Another point to stress, something like this? “Insurance is required for your rental, and the coverage is limited to your booking period. So, contractually, we are not able to allow early access.”

I don’t know what Peerspace sends to guests when they book, but it would be great if they could stress a few of these key points that hosts repeatedly deal with.

  • “Please respect your booking start and end times, and inform any vendors and friends that early access is not allowed.”
  • “Your host should be able to lock up the space promptly at your scheduled end time. Clearing out of a venue can easily take 30 minutes to an hour, so please be mindful of the time.”


Yes! This has been a big frustration of ours. We mostly book events on weekends, and we often have a quick turnaround between events so it’s crucial guests adhere to Booking start & end times! A few months ago I started having guests fill out a Google form a few days prior to their event. It asks them their event details, any rentals they may want (which they appreciate), but then it also states rules they need to agree to in order to submit the form. I ask them to fill in their start and end times as booked on Peerspace (Just in case they were unclear, this forces them to doublecheck themselves!) and it states in bold that they will NOT be able to enter the space prior to or stay beyond their end time, which they have to click “agree” to. In the case of nighttime events, I let them know that they may be able to add an additional hour but they have to let me know at least one hour before their booking end time. And I have cameras onsite as well, so if I can see they haven’t even begun cleaning up and it’s 30 minutes before their end time, I will text them myself and let them know I will be there in 15 minutes to start prepping for the next event! That usually works. But a text from PEERSPACE would be super helpful, same as we hosts get a text from PEERSPACE letting us know that the event is about to begin!


Hi @Krystal_O and others on this thread. I love the idea of a reminder notification to guests 30 minutes before the booking end time with an option to extend at the displayed hourly rate. We’ll get this added to our product roadmap, thank you for the suggestion!

Any other features you can think of to make the “day of event” process run more smoothly? Please add them here!


Did this ever get added? Seems to becoming a norm for all my bookings. Last one stayed an hour late with out saying anything. Sat there and waited for them the whole time.


Do you alert the guests who stay late that there will be an extra charge via your listing or a conversation or do you just charge them once they leave?


Regarding a 30-minute notice, there are a few variables. In some cases, their end time needs to be a “hard out”, meaning that staying longer is not an option. Naturally this should be communicated and stressed beforehand. If staying late is an option, then what is the overtime (OT) rate? It could be the base rate listed; it could be a custom rate that was quoted; or it could be time-and-a-half for either of these.

We currently have that issue. When billing OT, our choices are to bill at straight time or 1-1/2x, but only based on the base rate for the listing. But they may have booked the space at a higher rate.


Very important to stress from the beginning that at their End Time they should be out of the space and even off the property. Basically you should be able to lock the door at their scheduled end time. And any reminders should note that overtime will be billed. That way they can’t claim later, “Oh, I didn’t know.”

For many rentals, they need more like 45 minutes to pack out, get their guests to leave, etc. so I would suggest an earlier message (45 min or even an hour).

One of the most annoying situations is when they are almost done 10 minutes before their End Time, but then it still takes them another 30 minutes to really be out.


Great points, Brad. There are a lot of variables to account for - thanks for sharing your insights!

Currently, Peerspace sends an email to guests 24 hours before the booking begins that details the start and end times and reminds them to “leave time for setup and cleanup” to avoid overtime fees, but there is always room for improvement!

We’ve heard from hosts that sending a message a few days before the booking begins, as well as printing a day-of itinerary for guests to refer to when they’re in the space, are natural ways to gently remind guests of their booked times and potential overtime costs. If you’re not sure where to start for either of these, feel free to use our templates below:

Sample message templates
Day-of itinerary template

For anyone looking for more practical tips on this topic, I’d recommend checking out the thread where hosts discuss their best practices here!


Thanks, Grace, super helpful templates! If we copy/paste this text into a guest message, does/will Peerspace automatically replace the {{ }} fields with the actual guest information for us? That’d be super cool… we do similar in Shopify, where we can use tokens that automatically get replaced with individual customer details.


Hi Kris, that’s great to hear!

These resources unfortunately won’t capture custom elements (the {{ }} for things like guests’ names). We’d love to offer the ability to save commonly used messages directly in your Peerspace inbox, but for now we hope saving 3-4 of these as shortcuts in your own inbox will help to lighten the load!

If you use Gmail, instructions on how to save templates like this as shortcuts can be found here. Once your receive an inquiry or booking request, you can insert one to quickly reply directly from your email browser.

We hope to continue to improve this resource for the community, so please let us know how else we can make it more beneficial for you - we appreciate the feedback!



This is great, adding that to my House Rules! Thanks


I run all my bookings like a business. Even if I don’t have a booking scheduled before of after the guest scheduled time, I’ll tell my guest I have bookings back to back and time is of the essence. Your bookings are serious and important and letting your guest know this in a nice manner is the best thing. I have never had a issue with a guest over staying. I have had guest continue to linger and their scheduled time is almost up. And I’ll let them know “Hey is everything on schedule, I have another session almost ready to come in.” And usually the guest responds “Yup, we will rap it up and be done shortly.” The best answer is to run your peerspace JUST LIKE YOUR BUSINESS… YOUR TIME & MONEY IS IMPORTANT TO YOU AND CONVEY THAT MESSAGE TO YOUR GUEST.