Guests who are late

We’re still new to Peerspace so haven’t experienced too many back to back same day shoots yet. However, so many bookings have had late guests (some message saying they’re late usually after their booking has already started, some simply don’t say anything) and so their start time gets pushed back by 30-60mins or however long. We know it shouldn’t but we are just new and very generous guests at the moment.
We’re present for all our bookings (in our secluded office) So that start time means we arrive to work at the same time and having to wait an hour for a booking to arrive is quite inconvenient. (most of our bookings are 1-4hr shoots)

How do you handle late guests? how lenient are you and do you offer any negotiation? We’re treating it case by case at the moment but say your guest arrives with 30mins left of their booking do you end their booking at the original end time?

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The time they pay for is the time they get whether someone is late or not. If they are late and want to stay more than 15 minutes past their booking time, then charge them overtime in 30min increments. I give everyone 15 min grace period (being nice), but if you allow more than that then people will expect that they can abuse any peerspace host and expect more free time which is not a good precedence. Also, I rarely allow back to back bookings, and try to leave at least 30-60min between renters just in case someone needs extra time (since accidents happen) and I’m able to give them a small buffer time to exit (paid for of course). And if I do have a second renter on the same day, I make sure to tell the first renter that there is a HARD exit time that needs to be honored, so they will not be shocked if they are running late. I need to reiterate over and over that rentals are “entry to exit time” so they understand they can’t just show up 30-60 min early to set up, and stay late to clean up. Many people take advantage of that. Be firm, but nice! Good luck.


Make sure to add the wordage in the Host Rules section of your listing. Even though it’s standard Peerspace rules, I make sure it’s very clear that their booking time accounts for their arrival, setup, cleanup, and departure. I message guests and ask them to review the rules in my listing to make sure they’ve read it. And moving forward I’m going to start sending an additional message on the day of the event with a greeting and reminder about how the timing of the booking works. Always phrase communication in a friendly way. Just think about how you prefer to be communicated with. And whenever a guest shows up late that’s on them.


I concur with @Leon_S. They book a period of time and that is what they get. For most hosts the stress comes from renters or their guests arriving early and expecting to enter. I rarely have people arrive late, but it has happened. It is equally frustrating and wastes our time. Naturally you can evaluate on a case by case basis, but your goal is definitely to have a tight policy and get guests who respect that.

One key is to communicate key points as clearly as possible, which often means repeating yourself throughout the process, as Leon mentioned. After every rental, review how the booking went, and note how you could have provided a better experience (like posting your Wifi and password), as well as any challenges with your guests (arriving late, expecting to stay late, etc). Then update your listing description, rules, and any standard messages you send for new bookings.

You said you have bookings for as little as an hour, perhaps consider raising your minimum booking period. I don’t know how much anyone can get done in an hour, especially with that including load in, set up, then break down and clear out.

When they book a time slot, they are reserving the right to use the space during that time. If they arrive late, that’s on them. Same if they finish early, they don’t get any money back.



Our minimum is 2hrs but we’re having a number of people wanting to book for slightly less, which is annoying but we’re working with each guest as best as possible for now to build up our name while we’re still brand new. So far most guests have come back for a second booking!

We have good communication prior to the booking and on the day of but alas, the messages of " I’m running late" keep coming! We’re becoming more firm as our calendar fills up!

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We don’t have tight back to back bookings, just same day bookings with enough time in between to re-paint the cyc and prep! And if multiple bookings on the same day I have communicated with the guests to avoid any mishaps.

I completely agree with you on all the above! There’s just been a few cases where people have literally been so late that they arrive with less than 30mins left of their original booking and the time in between of them saying they’re running late and the time they actually show up, I’m not sure on when to remind them that they’re booking is almost over…cause I wonder if their heads are screwed on and if they even understand the idea of rentals at the point haha.
We’re strong on friendly communication and for the time being have had nothing but good response but we will be getting more firm as the bookings fill up for sure.

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We’re a busy production studio and Peerspace bookings are a very small portion of our income. We handle them like every other booking- they can enter the space at their reservation time or later (up to them) and we give them a 30-minute time check before their reservation is over. We haven’t had Peerspace clients give us a hard time about staying late. If normal clients stay late, we charge them in increments of 30 minutes. If the clients are (rarely) jerks and we have someone coming in right after then, we’ve gone in and unplugged lights and physically put away our equipment that the late clients were using. This rarely happens, but sometimes you have to lay down the law if people don’t respect your space. Luckily, Peerspace has reviews when a client is a jerk!

Are you saying you repaint your cyc between clients? Oh nooooooo! We used to do that until I discovered an industrial paint that we can clean off with a Magic Eraser mop and some Fabuloso or Clorox Clean Up spray (when you can get it again). I’m happy to pass along the paint company and my rep. You totally don’t have to paint the cyc after every client anymore!


Hey, if they are running late, you are still getting paid for that time, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. I do understand that you (like us) may have other things to do that day, and a guest being late can delay our plans which is annoying (and personally I’d like to charge them extra for that), but when it comes down to it, they are paying for that time they agreed upon whether they are there or not, and we as hosts need to honor our agreement.

oh no it’s not about me being annoyed about my day being messed up, it’s that sometimes guests who are late, say 45 mins, then arrive and expect to have their full booking time start from when the arrived rather than deduct it. So it always ends with having the conversation about how they actually would then need to pay overtime and sometimes their surprise to that news is what is annoying. Like they expect their 2 hour booking to be pushed back with no extra fees because they couldn’t show up on time. Either way, we accommodate as best as possible but having to dance around that subject with clients seems inevitable no matter how clearly start times are put into the rules etc. Thanks!

Yes, it is a never ending struggle to get clients to read anything. Just got to keep repeating the entry to exit time rules, and then remind them again and again. The arguments come if/when you sound flexible with your rules in any way, then people think they need to spend more time convincing you. Arguments also come if you haven’t made the rules crusts clear prior to the reservation date. You hold the cards since they have already prepaid for their time. If you let them slide then they will expect all future hosts to extend the same courtesy, and that is not PeerSpace’s policy. If you want to “be nice” you can offer them 15-30min extra time, but Anything over 29min in my opinion should be charged at 30min intervals.

And remember, if this is a reoccurring problem, then maybe you need to change how you are communicating with people. Spending more time to get to know them, vet them, understand their needs, and reiterating yours. I often request a phone chat with people, just so I can get to know them a tad. And sometimes I check in prior to see if they are running on time. And constantly ask them to call me if they have any trouble finding or getting to my place.

I just had an inquiry and the guy asked if he could show up a half-hour or hour early to set up. Without thinking, I said yes. He still hadn’t booked it so I called him to tell him to book it if he wanted it and that 15 min early was okay, but if needed more than that, to include it in the booking. He did.
I had some other clients who showed up an hour late, ran an hour late & let them slide. The next day (they had two bookings) they came late and stayed late. I added the overtime to the booking and got paid for it.
They have never written a review of my space. They were odd birds. DJs. One thought he was Mick Jagger. It takes all kinds.

I’ve learned to continue to communicate “as a reminder, your reservation for x arrival time to x departure time…” multiple times throughout the booking process and give them an opportunity to change the time to the reservation if they need more time. It is also outlined on the actual listing. I’ve given feedback in the past to Peerspace that it would be extra helpful if additional communication was sent to the client prior to the booking reminding them of their arrival and departure time, and give them an opportunity to book more time if it’s available. It would also be nice if the client was texted an alert that notifies them that their reservation is ending in 30 mins and that overtime will be charged if they do not depart promptly. I think this will be a helpful feature to further support hosts.