What are some best practices around managing check-in and check-out for your Peerspace bookings?


Whether you stay on-site for your bookings or not, have any of you found effective ways to manage the check-in and check-out process with your guests, like a day-of itinerary?

If so, what are some things you make sure to include in the itinerary to manage expectations around overtime?


Would be great if Peerspace automatically sent guests a series of “alarms” – reminding them they have 60 minutes | 30 minutes | 0 minutes remaining till they go into OT.

Giving guests clear guidelines about OT would make my hosting easier – and eliminate some of the friction I’ve encountered when guests want free OT, even though they’ve committed to the rules. :slight_smile:


I am always home when guests are checking in and checking out to insure everything is going to plan and looks the way it did when guests arrived. Additionally, I provide a print out for guests with all information needed upon arrival and departure.


Check-in and out are usually simple, especially because guests are typically excited about their event. I have a rough itinerary before rentals. A few days prior to the rental, when Peerspace sends a reminder for your upcoming event, I message guests requesting that they look over the space rules. The allows guests to ask questions and gives me some security on overtime charges.

Before scheduled check-in, I make sure to put a sign out front so guests can find the space easily. My sign says “private event”. Then when guests arrive, I greet them and give them an instruction sheet for the space. This also lists the overtime policy.

One really important note is that people ofter leave small items behind. I have gotten into the habit of walking through the space with the guests just to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything. It saves them from having to come back or me from mailing whatever is left. Also doing a walk through before guests leaves, gives them an opportunity to mention any damage (or for me to find it and ask about it). It is much easier to address issues in person than over the forum after the event because the evidence is at hand.


I forgot to mention: I generate a proposal which is tailored to each individual guest. It clarifies which spaces are included, which are off limits. Limits total number of cast & crew (based on hourly rate). Rules & details included in Peerspace listing, etc. OT rules & guidelines. Everything.

Then I email the proposal, and copy & paste to Peerspace platform. I ask guests to OKAY on the platform, BEFORE I accept inquiry.

I do this to make sure guests are aware of the rules, and have a Peerspace paper trail, in case anything goes south.


I am usually present.If away I set up a schedule with the doormen of the building. They give the guest the keys and get it back when the guest leaves while writing down the time. I don’t have too much problems with overtime. I explain my guests to let me know if they need more time. Also if I can’t let them go overtime, I let them know in advance too


I also do a walk thru. It always amazes me what people are leaving behind.



I greet them and I let them know when to leave and I help clean up to get everyone out well