Zero Bookings since I began my partnership with Peerspace

Hi All,
I have been partnering with Peerspace for almost 1 year and have had zero bookings! Looks like many have several a month. I don’t understand why? Can someone give me a few tips on creating a better listing or perhaps what I am dong wrong.


Actually I have had one booking, sorry my mistake.

Hi @Jackie_M,

Please send a link to your profile I will try to help you.

Hi Jackie,
I have the same issues. I’d appreciate any tips once you get any information on how to get more bookings.

thank you.

Hi Eli,
would you be kind to help me out with the same issue Jackie is experiencing.

Thank you.


Sure send your profile as well.

Also zero bookings, would love some tips on how to get my photo/video studio booked!

Hi I’ve had the same experience.
I spent lots of time and effort on a really nice listing of our country home. Then I discovered there is no Key Word search feature. How would anyone even find us ?
I did go back and forth with admin on this and they don’t seem to think that’s an important gap. We sort of gave up hope after that. I’d look for another site to promote your location. Also the more bookings a place has had, the higher the listing is on the list . So newbies are low on the lower my expectations and look at other options.

Hi Cynthia,
I will definitely let you know what I learn.

Hi @Kyle_L and @Cynthia_C

This is only my opinion, you choose what you should do with the info.

  • Add all the amenties you have: one of your pictures has apple boxes and other items you have available. If you have other which are not part of the picture please add(etc. vanity)!

  • Add more text to your description: Who has used your studio? What did they use it for(photoshoots, videoshoots etc)? Add about 200-300 words.

  • Take pictures of people in your studio and add it in the profile. Use professional pictures from a photographer
    *Add 2d floorplan

This is a good start for both of you. Peerspace may be like a Airbnb but people need to visualize how to use the location.
I hope this helps, after you add the changes please send me a message I will review again. :slight_smile:

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For advice or answers about your particular listing, you really should include a link to the listing, otherwise what observations do we have to base our comments on?

If you have good pictures, if you list the amenities you have, and if the location comes up correctly … since you have only 1 booking, maybe you need to drop your price at least to start?

Price shouldn’t be the factor that wins your bookings, but without reviews, you don’t have much.

Drop your price to be below the average in the area you’re in, and you’ll at least get more inquiries. From inquiries, you’ll be able to figure out what questions remain unanswered by your listing: whatever people ask you about, you can add to your listing.

After you have a few five-star reviews, then raise your prices to reduce the number of inquiries and make the most of your time. Right now you don’t even know what the problem is, and without seeing the listing, we can’t really begin to tell you.

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I’m not seeing her listing or the photos much less those apple boxes you mentioned, what am I missing? (I went to her profile and can’t see a link to her listing?)

Hi Ray,
Here is the link to my listing. My pricing is less than most coworking spaces near me so I think pricing is not the issue. Take a look though. I would love to hear your feedback.


The apple boxes were in Kyle’s bookings.

I went through quite a while without any bookings, and I’m pretty sure it all comes down to price. I dropped my price and my bookings went way up, so I raised it because I thought I didn’t want to leave any money on the table. And then bookings went down. Now I’ve settled on a price that works. You don’t make anything if it’s empty! Also, I get other business from my clients that rent my conference room (I’m an HR consultant).

I really do think it’s probably that simple.

Why can’t you find a listing by searching the host?? Search options are lacking !!

Hi John,
I followed your advice to drop the price down and since then I got another booking and one inquiry. I think that helped a lot.
Thanks so much!

I can’t imagine thinking a key word search would be irrelevant! I have given up on Peerspace bc of that and the “hide the newbie“ policy. No responses in our year of listing
Going elsewhere.

Yes yes. Content strategists are badly needed on this this company’s web team. Word searches are what made google. Take a hint :woman_shrugging:t3: