My space is not being seen by many people

Is anyone else having a horrible time being booked ? I’ve only had 2 booking for the months of November and December combine. I’ve had 4 or 5 of my good friends say that they could not find my space on peerspace at any given time even with tags. I’m trying to figure out why. Is anyone else having this issue?


Hey Archie, can you link me your space? Let me see what search parameters I can come up with to find you.

Hi @Archie_R,

Thanks for reaching out! We would love for you to get more bookings. I just sent you a follow up email with tips to help convert your inquiries into more bookings, as well as some modifications you can make to your listing.



@archie - can you send that information to me too? Thank you!

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YES - and I’ve been told at least three times that the potential customer almost gave up on having a shoot at a church because they couldn’t find any…then all of a sudden, mine randomly popped up - and it didn’t previously.

Then my friend tried doing a search with keywords and also couldn’t find it.

It seems like it’s hit or miss…


@Archie_R – I would quickly say that part of the issue is your listing title. I would suggest taking out the typo and then just describe the space. Leave the details of what you’re doing/not doing for the body of your listing.


Hi Archie, I looked at your listing, a couple of thoughts:

  • I agree with @Geoffrey_B, in your title you should focus on what you DO want to attract, and make the first 3-5 words count. Stress the best, most unique aspects of your space. Perhaps at the end of the title, add “(no events)”.

  • Urban Loft-Style Studio in East Garfield Park for Photo/Video Production

  • You can then lead your listing description with SORRY, WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY HOSTING EVENTS IN THIS STUDIO.

  • I know you are asking about people finding your space on Peerspace, and I don’t know a lot about that. But once they find your space and go to About the Space, there is more talk about your production company than the space. I suggest removing just about all of that, because they are looking for a space/studio.

  • You can certainly comment that "As a full-service production company, we created a space that is perfect for photo sessions and video production … "

All the best Archie!

  • Brad

I am having the very same issue. When doing searches for a photo studio with cyc wall homes and non-studio are coming up before me. I have a great space at a very affordable price and I don’t understand why no one is seeing my space. Can anyone provide anything I’m missing?

Hey Nicolas!
Just a quick suggestion for your title to make it a bit more search friendly:

Photography/Video Studio, Fully Equipped with Cyc Wall

Different search engines behave differently and some can see the forward slash as separating words, while others cannot.

With that in mind, I suggest playing it safe and rewriting that line so that photography and video are fully separated and bring ‘cyc wall’ closer to the beginning of the title for added search weight:

Photography/Video Studio, Fully Equipped with Cyc Wall


Photography and Video Studio with Cyc Wall

and I’d also recommend adding the words ‘cyclorama’ in there as well, in case someone searched for the full ‘cyclorama’ word instead of the abbreviated version.

Lastly, content is king, not just with Google, but with any site with a search function. Your listing is well written, but extending the description gives more opportunities for guests to find you.

I hope that helps!

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Archie, thanks for mentioning this. We too have seen a bit of a recent drop off in bookings. What was once about 8 to 10 a month seems down to 2 or 3 this winter. I would LOVE for this group to take a look at our listing and offer any suggestions (like above) that could help step up the action. (In fact, PEERspace should institute a PEER review system somewhere in this community board!) All ideas are welcome! Thanks.

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We learned that our space can be reviewed/rated by persons who’ve never rented, scout-visited or met us at all at any point. A potential guest, unhappy because he didn’t get the space for free after his no-shows, gave us 1 star review. That’s OK by us, since we have our pre-Peerspace regular clients. Only Peerspace loses money over that experience, we’re still busy, just not with Peerspace clients. We do not bother replying Peerspace clients “as fast as we can” anymore or to take them seriously. With that, it seems like our visibility is lower than before, as if we’re not important any more to Peerspace. Fine with us. We all can set up our own web sites and purchase better booking platforms.


Hi @Marko_T, only guest’s who book can leave a review. In this case, the guest no-showed but never cancelled so our system assumed the booking took place and thus sent out review notifications. If this happens in the future please write to our Customer Experience team at and we will gladly take the review down. Our team will remove this review ASAP. Thanks, Rony

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I feel the same for past few month very few requests almost like a"black whole "
i didn’t check if system works and listings shows ok I just thought it is slow few month


Thanks for your input, Deacon. I will try it out!

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Thanks for pointing that out. Will fix it asap.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hi Archie! I have a listing in New York City and want to know how I can improve my space online. Please let me know; this would be of great help. Thank you!

Guess what. Key word search is not a feature on this site. It unbelievable that this would not be one of the first ways for someone to find us. I’ve about given up.
In a year I have had one person inquire and come over to look. I spent lots of time developing my listing so it’s attractive and unique. I think another website is the answer.

I’m in the same boat as all of you. I have had one booking in a year. when I try to find my site it don’t even show up. I have called support many times, they fix it and it will work for about 2 days then disappear again. the same few listings keep popping up but not mine. even some that don’t relate to my search AUGGHH… I have all but given up on this site.

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Agree!!!. I’ve suggested more options for searches. Searches by Key words, by host name, etc. and people could find us!
Without the ability to search by key words we are lost in the crowd.