Tips for Increased Bookings

Is there a way to work with someone to go through our listing to see if we are maximizing visibility across Peerspace? When we get an inquiry, it usually turns into a booking so I believe that our space usually meets the needs when people find it, but our inquiries have gone down. Wondering if there is help or tips specific to our listing?

My listing:

Katie, we are all experiencing this. I even had a Peerspace rep “fine tune” my listing. You’d think Peerspace would listen and correct this problem but perhaps they are still making money on new listings so it may not affect their bottom line. Your listing is beautiful and obvious priced competitively.

Hi Katie:
Same here. I used to get a ton of inquiries and it has all gone mysteriously quiet in the last few weeks. I was wondering if it’s because guests don’t know to message host to send an inquiry. I recently received 2 instant bookings “by mistake.” Only one followed through. I used to book at least one event a week.

I think your listing is fine. Maybe add a few more pics, reduce deposit, and offer option to rent additional table and chairs. Make it easier for the guest to book. By the way, you and I have similar blue in our kitchens :wink:

Hey everyone,

We’re excited to hear that you’re enthusiastic about improving upon the successes you’ve already had as a Peerspace host.

Our team is hard at work building a curriculum for your continued success (a few of our favorite resources are linked below), but we’re eager for feedback on what’s missing and how we can improve this library moving forward.

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Hi Katie,

I haven’t been on Peerspace very long, but what I have heard from the film productions we’ve hosted is that there is seasonality, with peak season in the late summer and fall. That could be part of it.

I took a look at your listing, and FWIW, here are my suggestions, bearing in mind this is heavily skewed towards my experience in film shoots, and not other events.

  1. “Renovated” may not be a keyword people are searching for. It could be modern renovated, rustic renovated, Old World French renovated, etc. I suspect producers are searching for a “look,” and “renovated” does not tell them what that look is.

  2. We used to have “sunny” in our description… but then we noticed everyone brought lights anyway. This might not be a keyword that is being searched.

  3. “for shoots” may be redundant, because when you are searching for a location, Peerspace asks “what for?” Bottom line, people are not likely to put “shoot” in as a keyword, as there is another filter for event type. Conversely, if people are looking for a dinner party, “shoot” in the headline might turn them off.

  4. Similarly, “Upper East Side” may be redundant; on your listing, it says “Upper East Side” right below your headline. Probably not a keyword, as there is another filter for location.

  5. In my experience, brand names (“GE appliances”) don’t matter for shoots. In every production we’ve had, brand names have been “greeked out” so they are unreadable. A GE appliance may be a benefit if you are a buyer looking through a real estate website, but my guess is that it is less relevant for production rentals.

  6. I noticed in one of your reviews, someone mentioned “easy load in/out”. You might want to mention that in your listing! If you’re hauling a bunch of equipment, it would be a huge benefit if you had an elevator or street-level access, versus a walkup brownstone where it takes time and effort to carry everything.

To summarize: think of keywords your customers may be using, and use them. Think of benefits they may be seeking, and mention them.

And a note to Peerspace: It would be hugely helpful if hosts had tools such as Google Analytics to do “search engine optimization.” We can only guess what keywords are being searched. Knowing what really is searched would be hugely helpful.

Hope this helps, Katie!