Getting More Visibility on the Platform

Hi, There.
I went from booking regularly and getting at least 2 inquiries per week to nothing at all. I had no bookings in 2019, and only 2 inquiries. It seems like this happened almost overnight. I attribute it to the visibility of my listing, or lack thereof . How can I improve it?


Hey Roberto,

Can you provide the link to your listing?

I also am having the same experience. April came around and it’s been pretty quiet. Not even any inquiries. How do you go from regular inquiries and regular bookings to zero. KD


Same here! I thought it was a seasonal thing or hiatus? We actually got a booking and inuiries from 2 other platforms. Unfortunately, Peerspace our favorite is falling flat. Really hoping it’s not a visability thing, if so how do you fix that? It’s so oversaturated now and I think clients/guests don’t have/take the time to really look thru the tons of pages. ; (

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Slow in Denver as well. I have had one booking in three months. Looking to make this successful as I love the platform.

same here, no inquires for a month

I have been on Peerspace in Atlanta almost a year and I see a sharp decrease in recent months from sporadic inquiries to [crickets].

Perhaps Roberto’s problem is not his visibility on the platform, but Peerspace’s visibility in the marketplace. If so, I wish them luck in improving this. At the same time, I wonder who is now getting that traffic?

@Jennifer_M, what are the two platforms that still produce for you in LA?
¡¡ TIA !!


I have had the same experience with my listing - when I first posted it I received a few immediate bookings and some inquiries thereafter but not a single peep since the first two months I created my listing. Is it just a matter of listings with a large number of reviews receiving better visibility? If anyone has insight on how to improve my visibility, I’d greatly appreciate it. And if curious, here’s a link to my listing:

Hey Ghazal!

I am hosting a event at my location for how to improve your listing. If you are available Tuesday May 14, please register here (Los Angeles hosts):

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Thanks so much for the invite and info. I wish I could join. Tuesday is the only night I’m not available. Hopefully I can join the next one.

PM me after I will send you the video. Even the other hosts in other states.


This same exact thing is happening with me. I booked a ton in October, November & December. I’m a Power Host. But I’ve had ZERO inquiries in the past 3 months, thus no booking. Very frustrating and confusing.

Hi Allison,

Will you be attending the workshop?

I would love to but I have family in town, celebrating a birthday.

Send me a message a couple weeks after I should have it edited then.

The listing you provided takes me back to my profile.
Follow this video send me your link:

Same issue here. Off to a great start and then the platform went dark on us. Did they remove the ability to search for a keyword? I think we would score high under “bohemian” or “vintage”. With the ability to drill down like that prospects on the site in Los Angeles get a LOT of bare-white-wall studio spaces and one bohemian themed result so if they are looking for that this particular type of location then this ONE location will get all the of the bookings. Not really sure but something is off. Of course they don’t provide the most basic metrics like page visits so we have no idea if people are seeing the listing and not liking it or if we are in fact not showing up in the search results.

Edit: it appears that there is search on mobile but not on desktop. HOWEVER, when I search for the word “bohemian”—which is in out listing title—I’m not seeing my own listing.

It’s such a bummer each day I wait for someone from @peerspace to switch a button or something to get back what we had. Nobody is addressing it from the their team. I did email Peerspace about it and I was sent some statictics that claimed I was on track with inquiries for my yearly average, but not hearing a peep (inquiry/booking) for months is pretty unsettling since we have done so well in the past. I can only guess they will want us to pay to get our listing to the top of the page soon?

Same here. Reliable, great bookings until the cancellation policy went into effect… Now nothing but bogus inquiries. Not one date booked in April and May is looking the same… @Rony_C or anyone? @Eli_P? Can someone at Peerspace let us know how we can help change this outcome?

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