No inquiries, all of a sudden

Hi! I’m confused. From October - January, I had weekly inquiries and a few bookings per month. I was (and currently) am a Power Host. However, since mid-January, I haven’t even had 1 inquiry, even though my listing hasn’t changed.

Any ideas as to what could be happening? I’ve contacted Peerspace 3 times and each time they’ve sent me the same irrelevant form-letter email that doesn’t address my concerns or questions.

Any tips?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Allison,
Can you message me with a link to your listing? I’d love to have a look to see if maybe there’s something that’s immediately evident that I can advise on, or even pass along to someone more knowledgeable!

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I have been having the same issue as well. Weird!

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My inquiries have drastically dropped in the last week-and-a-half, curious if there is a reason as well.

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Thank you. This is the link to my listing. I have had zero inquiries in the past 3.5 months. Prior to that, multiple inquiries and scouts per week and a few booking per month.

It’s so frustrating. And I’ve talked to customer service every month and they just send me the same email every time about how to set my listing so the people will be drawn to it. But my listing hasn’t changed and I was getting a lot of activity prior to the new year. Agh!

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We are having the same issue! Received inquiries and bookings every week and suddenly have had nothing in the last 3 weeks. Crickets! I didn’t make any changes to our listing. What is happening?!

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I have a weird theory. The concierge service is having everyone believe that they must be booking meals along with it etc. It’s very unclear and confusing from a booking perspective. I think this is scaring people and no one wants to pay more so they must be looking elsewhere. Just my two cents… I was a power host too and had bookings multiple times a week. Nothing in the last few months, not many inquiries either.


What an absolutely beautiful and well staged home you have!

I don’t even want to speculate when the staging and the photos are so clean. It could just be that maybe there isn’t as high of a demand at the moment, as student films have mostly all wrapped by May.

We hosted about 3-4 film productions a month and then that dropped significantly in favor of things like offsites and some events as well.

I really do hope that things pick up soon!

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Thank you for your insight, Deacon. Fingers crossed!

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My experience has been very different. I started last summer, listing my loft for Production Rentals only. A few requests for parties snuck in— I booked some, and they went great. But then overall inquiries went down from a couple per month to Zero in Sept-Oct. Dec-Feb, just a trickle.

Then in March, I added ‘Event’ and ‘Off-Site’ categories. And right away everything changed. Many more inquiries and bookings. Many 5-star reviews. New Host of the Month award! And the Power Host thing! Yipee!

My first draft of this went on to analyze why so many people experience a drop-off after a good start. However, I’m gonna change course here. This is why:

After 2 weeks with 7 big bookings, I took down down my pages, mostly because of a really nasty bad review —my only one— and just fatigue! I didn’t cancel any previously booked dates.

The bad review just made me want to stop and think about this whole business. It was super discouraging and 100% untrue. Here is what happened next:

Yesterday I republished my listings. Or tried to. Today came an email, and here it is in full (I have no idea who Ko is):

Hi Ko,

Thank you for your interest in hosting with Peerspace. After reviewing your submission, we have determined that your space is not a suitable fit for the marketplace at this time. For this reason, we have archived your submission until further notice.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors.


Peerspace Host Success

I don’t know where this will end up. My impression is that my old listings are no longer good enough for peerspace, even though they were good enough to make me a Host of the Month, and a Power Host. Or maybe something else is going on. I wrote Lawrence, who has been answering my questions in the past. We’ll see!

Good luck everybody

Historic Penthouse Loft: Bricks, Beams, Wood Floors

Please help me to resolve the same issue!
I haven’t had as many injuries since April.

Can I do something on my end meanwhile?

I share the same concern. Our location received 3 bookings in one week at the end of may, since then I have not received another inquiry…