New listing got 5 bookings first week now none

Hello! I listed my two stage photo studio here on Peerspace last month and had a nice start with 5 bookings in the first week, now three weeks later we are only getting one or two inquiries per week. I thought our prices ($85/hr for 3000+ sq ft) were very reasonable and I believe our photos show the space well, however we haven’t been receiving as many requests as we had hoped. A few people reached out to us saying our listing was near the bottom of the page. Does anyone have any advice for us on how to promote our listing? Should we change our photos, add more or change our title? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


5 star reviews help. I recommend reaching out to your guests and ask them to submit a review if they haven’t already.

I think this business can be cyclical and that you always have to market and look for additional platforms and avenues to find your clientele. I had one excellent month in the summer when I started from Peerspace and also a location scout, however, the following months were sporadic.

In addition to reviews and word of mouth, I think it’s networking and marketing it far and wide to your target audience.

Best of luck!


Hi Philip,
I can understand your disappointment with this. I have been listing my studio for a while now & there are periods that we have had where very few people contacted us, even after a very busy period. I think that this is sometimes just the ebb & flow of our biz! Having as many recommendations as possible is quite helpful too.
I will say that Peerspace is a very effective way to promote your space.
Good luck,

Demand vs Oversaturation
You get a top-page boost for the first week or so, then your ranking reverts to the algorithm and your space has very few rentals/reviews in comparison to the other options in your area.

First, separate your two spaces by creating a separate listing for each stage area. If you can accept two clients at the same time, you can have two options which give you more flexibility AND a higher listing count so viewers have better chances of scrolling past one of your listings and they get a better ranking in the algorithm.

Second, create multiple listings for each studio. Create separate listings for each space for offsite (meetings) and event use. Your space would make a cool space for an art gala and possibly a good place to host a workshop (projectors and cyc walls go together well), and for events, even if your definition of event has to be extremely narrow for whatever reason (curfew, zoning, etc.) having the additional listings will increase your visibility and help improve your ranking in the algorithm.

Lastly, your studio space is in the middle of a huge cluster of other shooting spaces and listed for about the same rate as a lot of other equally clean studios, many of which have better amenities and things like separated client space, fuller natural light exposure, black box capabilities, etc.
It’s a nice looking place, but if you do a search on Peerspace for studios in the range of $80-$90/hr in Los Angeles Area, literally hundreds of locations pop-up within 5-10 miles of your location. If you can add some custom or unique amenities it may help differentiate you from others.

A general search in LA results in:
“Showing 1-30 of 3509 photo shoot spaces near Los Angeles, CA, Usa”

Your price range results in:
“Showing 1-30 of 200 photo shoot spaces near Los Angeles, CA, Usa”

It’s a numbers game.

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Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate the advice. We just posted the space as an event location this week so hopefully that will improve our rankings. We are in the process of designing our client lounge area with more separation from the rest of the building which I think will help differentiate us from some other listings.

Also please forgive my ignorance but what is black box capability?

Thank you! I think you’re right, we are just in an ebb period.

Hello. My hourly price and the size of my studio is the same as yours. I seem to be having the same problem as you. Some weeks I would get 3 inquiries while other weeks I may get 1 or none. I’m still trying to figure out how to get more business through peerspace.

“ Also please forgive my ignorance but what is black box capability?” A black box is when you can block out all the windows to make it dark inside for photo and video shoots. Hence black box :wink: