Getting more clients

Hello community I have a question. Anyone have any extra tips for getting more booking clients? Iv’e seem to exhausted all of the required tips given by peerspace. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the site. A friend of mine has his space on peerspace and gets about 2 or 3 bookings per week. Can someone tell me the average booking per week you receive? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS. :slight_smile:

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I use social media to advertise my space and the events its used for. It gives people an idea of how the space is best used. Someone may come across it on Instagram and ask about renting it. Then you direct them to the peerspace link to the site. Now you have a platform with pictures and videos that brought individuals together at your space. You can now use hashtags and keywords to bring attention to the space. Good luck Instagram @theyardrentalspace is the one i set up for myself.