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Hello community I have a question. Anyone have any extra tips for getting more booking clients? Iv’e seem to exhausted all of the required tips given by peerspace. Maybe I’m expecting too much from the site. A friend of mine has his space on peerspace and gets about 2 or 3 bookings per week. Can someone tell me the average booking per week you receive? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS. :slight_smile:

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I use social media to advertise my space and the events its used for. It gives people an idea of how the space is best used. Someone may come across it on Instagram and ask about renting it. Then you direct them to the peerspace link to the site. Now you have a platform with pictures and videos that brought individuals together at your space. You can now use hashtags and keywords to bring attention to the space. Good luck Instagram @theyardrentalspace is the one i set up for myself.


I also would like to have someone look at my page for better booking.

Hi Stefanita,
May I have a look at your listing?

No guarantees of anything, but I get a fair amount of bookings and maybe there’s a couple of tips I can pass along to improve things for you a bit!

Yes you can and thank you.

Hey @Deacon_T! I am also trying to improve my listing; if you have any tips or suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!

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Hi Petra. For everyone who would like to get some feedback on your site, we do not have access to your listings from your profile here on the forum.

You can share a link to your listing by logging in to; click on Listings; then click on the ellipsis (3 dots). Click on Share, then Copy Link, and you can post that link here in the forum.


^ yuss, what he said!

I’d love to have a look and throw out some ideas. Go ahead and paste your link, @Petra_J and @Stefanita_C!


Thank you so much @Deacon_T and @Brad_B :slight_smile: Here is my link:

perfect! I’m heading into a photoshoot, but I have some ideas that I’ll share tonight!

Sorry it took me so long to reply; I wish that I had a great excuse, but I honestly forgot until just now!

General feedback is that the images are a little blurry and a little overexposed; it looks brighter than it should.

I feel that the rate is a little high for the size of the space. I’m in an expensive market as well (perhaps a bit less than Manhattan of course!) but my feeling is that $79-99/hr is a more attractive rate. But ultimately, pricing is whatever the market bears and if you aren’t really relying on Peerspace and want to limit the number of bookings, then a higher rate would behoove!

My recommendation would be to make your fifth image as your main image. It’s much cleaner, with fewer distracting elements like cords and the microphone stand detracting from the image.

Your primary image should create a sense of space - you want to show how BIG your place is!

I feel (from the perspective of a location scout, creative director and a peerspace host) that any ‘creative’ shots, like shots from the perspective of a drummer, or extreme closeups of anything are unnecessary and actually detract from the main focus of the listing, namely the space itself.

Lastly, you should invite some photographers to do shoots in your space in exchange for pictures both without and WITH live models. This is my production listing and is my event listing; I just recently made some fairly big changes to the space and will be redoing the photos again (my main image is USUALLY a gigantic panorama shot, but it didn’t quite turn out this time and I haven’t had a chance to reshoot the images). Likewise, I had to throw out the majority of the lifestyle images with models, which was a massive bummer, as they’re no longer accurate portrayals.

and and also, having the size of your space right in the title helps save prospective guests a lot of time and answers a lot of questions:

Luxury Creative Meeting and Event Space

Could perhaps read

XXXXsq ft Midtown Meeting and Event Space

Your location is important, as midtown is attractive for many.

Lastly, add in some more text… The more text you have, the more search terms you’ll be found under!

I just logged into Peerspace and put in search criteria that, I think should have brought up my listing. I went through all 498 properties and mine was not displayed.

I am at a loss. I need help. When I first signed up here, 2 years ago, I booked 4 shoots from Aug to Oct. Just the right amount of bookings! The nothing until last February.

Now it seems I may not be getting any bookings because no one can find me?

Hey Ron, link your space listings here and let me have a look


Ron Christensen

Hey Ron!
I see the problem; there’s almost no valuable keywords in your listing!

Search engines look for relevant matches in your text, so you’ll want to not only have more text, but you’ll want to mention things like ‘photoshoot’ ‘photographer’, ‘filming’, ‘film productions’ etc.

Such a beautiful home, I think you’d do well to let it shine a bit more by staging you home a bit and retaking your images. Remove personal items like fridge magnets, garden hose and towels and get some slightly wider shots of the space.

Gorgeous home and with just a few changes here and there, I believe you’ll have some great success!

I’d love some feedback! It’s my first time on peerspace.
Two listings for the different “types” of rentals, as they suggested.

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Congrats. Peerspace is an awesome way to make more money. I would suggest taking advantage on the add-on features and be active on the community board.

Gorgeous listing!

I’m new on speerspace and just listed my loft as a photo studio>

Would love to glean some advice.

Would you also look at mine? I am newer to this platform and need direction :slight_smile: