Total Newbie question about reviews

I just had my 2nd booking last night but they haven’t left a review yet. The first booking left one right away. I read something in the support that said hosts aren’t available to receive additional bookings until a review is left. Does that mean that my place is being shown as unavailable until the client leaves a review? If so, what if they never leave one? I’m kinda confused. Thanks for the replies!

Congrats on your first couple of jobs! So cool!

Once you leave your review you should be able to view new inquiries and bookings. Sometimes clients are in post production or the next job right away. I will usually wait 24 hours and then text them with something like this:
“Hi xxx, It was great to meet you and the team yesterday and host your shoot. I just left you a review on the Peerspace and would really appreciate it if you could do the same as soon as you have a minute. I look forward to working together again!”

Hi @Deborah_G, as long as you leave a review for your guest you won’t be blocked from taking any action. Also when you leave a review the Peerspace system sends a follow up reminder to the guest asking them to submit their review. As @Laura_Z1 mentions, some hosts follow up directly with guests as well. Thanks,


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Oh! Okay, sounds. great. Thanks for the tip!!

Agree on all replies. It’s frustrating when you know a client was so pleased but they still don’t leave a review, it’s just laziness. I also remind them nicely one time but then move on. And I leave one for every guest of course.

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Another thing to note is I believe your guest is unable to make another booking until they leave a review. So depending upon the amount of time between their next booking you can get reviews weeks later.