Unable To Accept Booking Requests Or Make Changes To Listing Until Review Is Written

Peerspace’s platform doesn’t currently allow hosts to accept new booking requests or make changes to their listing until a review is written for their most recent completed booking, and I find that the turnaround time is often too quick. For example, I’m not always able to visit our listing space and complete a review before another booking request comes along, which is frustrating. If Peerspace needs an incentive for hosts to complete reviews, perhaps they could withhold payment until a review is completed? Just a thought.


This is the Operations Director for Graham’s listing, we agree Peerspace should increase the deadline to post a review and not tie it to permission to accept the next booking request, this negatively impacts venues who need to thoroughly vet the condition of their venues prior to writing a review.

While it should not be as long as it normally takes to receive payment after a booking (up to 7 business days), we suggest 72 hours for example should be acceptable, considering it’s the standard deadline to submit overtime and additional charges.


I completely agree! I hate being rushed to write 8 reviews without seeing my space when Im trying to book a new client. It results in a potentially false positive review and then I am stuck with the reality that I have to in fact charge someone for an infraction.