I just completed my 1st booking as a host and

…I was wondering when does a review show up for me from the customer? I have left them one already. I feel like more reviews are the key to getting more booking but I have zero reviews… even though I have completed 1 successful booking.

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Congrats on your first booking Donald! Their review will appear shortly after both you and they have completed reviews. Peerspace asks them for a review, and I wait a few days and then, if not posted, we ask them. I ask via Peerspace messaging, then a couple days later may ask by email. Maybe even text.

For a long time, my guests always left reviews, then it fell off to where they occasionally would not, despite having a terrific experience. Having those reviews is essential, as you said. Makes a huge difference, so it is worth putting in the effort to pursue. I have even followed up months later to ask again. Stress that the reviews help your space to be more visible on the platform.

Hey thanks Brad. So, unlike airbnb, there is no time limit with which each party has to leave a review? I noticed my review of our guest doesn’t show up in his profile after 24+ hours. Does the guest have to leave the host a review before the hosts review will show up on the guests profile?


I don’t know about a time limit, can someone from the Peerspace team weigh in on this?

Yes, the guest has to leave a review before our review shows up on their profile. If they have left a review for us, it shows up pretty quickly on our listing once we write a review for them. And note: the reviews show up in the order of the event dates, not in the order the review was posted.

Hi @Donald_H and @Brad_B, great question!

We don’t have a time limit at the moment for submitting a review. A guest will be prompted to leave one before they are able to book another space.



thank you both. So far this has been awesome. I’ve got almost 400 five star reviews on airbnb but peerspace is so much better in that the people don’t stay overnight. I hope this takes off!


I wish more clients left reviews too. I always leave them and request they do as well, only some will do one.

So when the client books again on Peerspace they are required to leave a review.

I’ve found it’s helpful as I’m closing things with a guest to say that I would appreciate a review. There’s something about actually hearing the words spoken, rather than just having the request pop up on a screen that seems to encourage people to take action.


I agree Anne. As we are wrapping up and I walk the host out, they are typically talking about how everyone loved the space. A great time to say “Peerspace will send you a note asking for a review. We appreciate you taking the time, and naturally we will do the same for you.”

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I really like the fact that Peerspace requires guests to leave a review before the guest can book another space on the platform. That takes the pressure off me from having to bug them constantly for a review. It may take a while but if the guest ever wants to book with another host, they must first leave a review for the last venue they’ve used.

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That is true, although some guests join just to book one particular event, and are then inactive after that. Others might create another account next time they want to book. This is not the norm, just something to keep in mind.

I have hosted 124 events on Peerspace, and have 107 reviews, so 86% have taken the time to leave reviews.

30% of my bookings have not left reviews. :frowning: