How do you encourage a guest to leave a five star review?

Hosting a five star booking doesn’t have to end when your guest leaves the space. If you feel your guest had a positive experience, how do you go about re-engaging them after the fact? Any hosts out there have practical tips you can share?

I always find that sending some sort of personalized follow-up through the messaging tool is helpful. Most of the time guests forget to leave a review (especially if they were booking the space on behalf of someone else). I also let them know that my review score really helps the success of my overall Peerspace account and they’re usually receptive to that.


The ideas above about follow-up are great. I also have a printed sheet I give guests on the day of the event, with WiFi passwords, emergency contact numbers, etc. The first item on the list is “I hope to earn a five star review from you,” with the word earn in bold. “If for any reason things are not on a five star level, please let me know and I will do all I can to make them right.”


I’ve never specifically solicited a five star review but I have made the experience 5 star. I have water and snacks on hand for guests. I speak with them in a way which will encourage them to come again. I ask for feedback after their shoot/meeting. I care about the experience so I make it one to remember.


I try to submit my reviews for guests right after the event and a few guests will reciprocate right away. If I haven’t heard back after a couple days, I’ll send them a message thanking them for their booking and ask for a review, highlighting that it really helps us out as hosts to have more reviews. Lastly, I ask them to please send any feedback on how to make our future bookings better. I haven’t actually received any feedback to date but I think asking for their input goes a long way in getting a positive review.


great tip! do people ever follow up with why they don’t give 5 stars?

I typically follow up after the event thanking the client and leaving a friendly reminder


Hi @Lisa_L. I followed up with a guest who gave us a 5-star review, but said that all the parking in the area was restricted to 2 hours. It isn’t true, only one street actually, so I emailed her and asked her to correct that. Took a little while, and a couple of reminders, but she did it.

Hi @Spencer_P! I agree. I am almost always there at the end of the rental and they tell me how they and their guests loved the space. I have started mentioning the review at that time, and I always write and say we enjoyed hosting them in our venue. After a few days I typically email and, like you say, point out that the reviews help our space to be more visible.

For a long time, every guest left a review. More recently though, people are not following through. We now have only 56 reviews out of 68 guests. Two thoughts:

  • What does Peerspace do to request a review? I assume the guest gets an email like we do after the event. Are there additional followup emails stressing the value of their review? Would be helpful.

  • Would it be possible for Peerspace to send us a link that we can send to the guest to leave a review? Would make it easier for them to click and post in the moment.

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Hi Brad,

Sounds like you have a solid process in place! I’d be glad to provide a few more insights on Peerspace’s side of things…

  • Every guest receives two emails in total asking them to leave a review of their experience - the first is delivered shortly after their booking concludes and another about two days later to remind them.

  • I love the idea of a shareable link for hosts - there is definitely opportunity to make leaving a review even more seamless for our community, so we appreciate your feedback. For now, if you need to guide guests through this process, I recommend directing them to the first email they receive from our team (the subject line is “Please review your experience at [Space Name]”). From there, they’ll be able to quickly click the link to “Leave a Review” - I hope this helps!



These are good points.

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Hi Grace, I was told by Peerspace customer service that guests cannot book another space until they leave a review, similar to Hosts who cannot accept a new booking until we leave a review. Is this true?

Hi Adedayo, thanks for your question! We believe that unbiased, peer-to-peer reviews are an integral part of building a trustworthy marketplace, so we do require guests to review their experience before booking again on Peerspace.

After the event takes place, guests receive two reminder emails (one immediately after the event and another two days later) with directions on leaving a review. Reviews are published once both parties have submitted one, assuming the content meets our community guidelines.

I hope this helps - please let me know if you have any more questions!

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For me, soliciting a review is one of my most important post-rental tasks. The review provides valuable feedback and reassures me that I am on the right track when it comes to making decisions and tweaks that will affect my future Guests’ experience; as well as provides a sense of pride with regard to my services and facility. But sometimes, even after several requests, the Guest, for whatever reason, is not motivated to write even a one-line review or push the star rating button.

I have even had the same company not leave a review but come back for a repeat rental by using a new account under a different person’s name proving that PS’s forced review strategy has holes in it.

Sometimes the account holding guest leaves their company mid-booking and hands off the rental management duties to someone else in the company with all future communications then happening via real email. At the end of the booking when I ask the new person to leave a review, they tell me, sorry, but they were never provided access to the original booking Guest’s account.

Reviews are not as important to Guests as they are to Hosts, therefore, PS needs to show more HOST SUPPORT and find a solution. One idea would be for PS to begin to require deposits, not only would this provide a better tool for Hosts with regard to charging for overtime and receiving damage reimbursements, but could be used as a tool to coerce a review from the Guest. PS provides an expedited deposit on the refund as a carrot. Or PS changes their Guest fee from 5% to 6% with a 1% reimbursement for leaving a review. I am sure there are all kinds of potential legal issues and more paperwork for PS here, but Hosts need more support.

Also, I would like to see PS leave the star ‘average’ part of their Rating System as is, however, change the total number of reviews to the total number of rentals.

I am sure someone will point out that if the total of all rentals is shown on the listing [say (6) total] and the host only has (3) reviews (say all five-star), then how is the potential guest to know the other missing (3) reviews would not have all been one-star; creating, in theory, the possibility of a 2.5 star average? Well, my answer would be that they won’t know for sure if those missing reviews would have been one-star or five-stars. I would gamble that most guests won’t bother doing the math nor assume the worst; especially when it comes to booking with hosts who have a large number of reviews.

I don’t think you can ever encourage someone to leave you a five star review. And fact I think it pushes the boundaries of our role to do so. It’s also kind of an etiquette thing.
However, I’ve said to guests, “if you’re not familiar with the review process check out my page to see what others have said. asked guests to look at my prior reviews.”

And I always check out the reviews of prospective guests and don’t ever hire anybody with a review less than four. So I would argue that it is just as important to hosts as guests.

These are amazing ideas!
A lowered guest fee would be the perfect solution and it would also encourage guests to leave their reviews in a timely manner (which I would put at 30 days).

We recently had a situation in which a competing photographer rented our studio and then left a lowered review five months later, claiming there was no parking. It was kind of a shock

I feel the same way as Susan. I feel uncomfortable asking for a 5 star review or even reminding guests to do so. However, I have found a “sneaky” way around this. After a guest leaves, I email them and tell them how much I enjoyed having them and tell them that I am about to leave them a rave review. And then I do just that.

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Hi - Where does a guest correct their review? I had one mistakenly hit 4 stars instead of 5… I inquired about what would he like to see us change in our service and he said he made a mistake and he would be happy to make it right. I wrote to Peerspace to inquire and they gave me some guidance but if he can do it directly, that’d be great! Thx for any feedback.

Hi @Trish_H, If you have a guest that made an error with their review or star rating, you can have them reach out to if they need to make a correction.


Hi @Deacon_T do you think if we have reviews expire after two weeks that would help avoid similar occurrences?


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