Setting Capacity During COVID?

Question for the group…

In states that have limits on the number of people who can gather indoors, what are you setting your venue capacity at?

My space can hold up to 300 people, but New York has a limit on indoor gatherings that forbids more than 50 people from getting together. I left my capacity limit as it was because I sometimes get people booking weddings 6, 8, or even 12 months into the future — presumably when we’ll be able to host larger groups. Unfortunately, I’ve been getting requests from potential guests to host events of more than 50 right now. I had two halloween party requests this weekend alone for 100 people.

I, of course, inform the guest that due state laws I cannot host more than 50 people and turn them down. My concern about this is that one of the factors Peerspace uses to ranks listings is the ratio of inquiries to bookings.

How are others handling this? I’m considering lowering my listings to 50 people to address this near term, but don’t want to miss out on bigger bookings down the road.


Agree, for now in NY up to 50 ppl.

Yes, I believe turning away Social Event inquiries will hurt our rankings. Perhaps put a note on your cover image that states:

“While our capacity is 300 guests under normal conditions, we currently can only accept social events with fewer than 50 guests due to COVID-19 restrictions.”


I’m envious of New york; you guys did everything right and have increased freedom. Here in LA county, ALL social gatherings are still banned!

• Can you or your family have a gathering or party?
No. Individual and family gatherings or parties of any size aren’t allowed. For instance, the following in-person gatherings are not permitted, even if they feel safe: celebrating the new arrival of a baby with a baby shower or gender reveal party, having a barbeque with a group of friends in the backyard, hosting a study group with school students, having a meal with extended family and friends for a religious or cultural holiday, or gathering at the beach with friends. These types of gatherings are risky as they bring together people who do not live together and
increase the chances of community transmission. However, vehicle (car) parades are now allowed so that graduations, birthdays, holidays and other special days and achievements may be safely celebrated. See the Vehicle-Based Parade Protocol for rules and requirements.

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I think that last part says it all… cars.

While I do personally have a car for work, owning one in NYC is a huge luxury. The vast, vast majority of people take public transit. In there is why I think masks and personal accountability have taken hold here like nowhere else.

Because we don’t drive around in little personal bubbles like the rest of the country, New Yorkers understand how our individual actions effect each other. We take part in and witness countless interactions between strangers everyday. This reinforces the “safer together” mentality that has served us since March when everything went downhill.

I see the crybaby “Karen” videos from other parts of the country and I’m simply dumbfounded.


It’s why I love New York so much.

I’ve made four trips there in the last couple of years and every time I instantly fit in with the vibe and people and every time I’ve left with new friends that I’ve kept in touch with.

It’s the most human city in the nation and the direct, ‘no crap’ attitude and ‘nice until you pee me off’ mentality of New Yorkers fits me so well.

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