NYC Hosts... are you getting asked for huge parties?

I’m wondering if NYC hosts are getting asked to host late night dance parties or “baby showers” that go from 10pm to 6am (not an exaggeration)?

I’ve been getting 1 or 2 PER DAY for the last couple of weeks. It’s making me nuts as it’s a misdemeanor and $1000+ fine for hosts, event organizers and potentially guests for gatherings over 50 people right now in NYC. I can accommodate 250 people and people are asking to allow head counts of 100-200.

At first I started being polite about declining, but I’m starting to downright rude and mansplain to them the legal and moral ramifications of their requests.

Anyone else? How do you address these?

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I just turned one down for a graduation party. In Los Angeles (which is sadly still at level purple…or maybe it’s red now), they will shut off your electricity for hosting parties, so I too have become pretty blunt about declining such events.

I got requests (in Seattle) all summer long for parties (family reunions, etc). I have just been saying no to all of them. It is against the law right now. I just don’t understand how people are continuing to get together in large groups???

I have gotten quite a few request as well (Upstate, NY) for wedding (100+) and small performances. I’ve been telling them that we are adhering to local COVID guidance. Once I start digging into their plans (i.e. restroom trailer, parking, etc) they normally stop responding. I am surprised people are trying this in NYS.

@Deacon_T & @LAURA_V I even put a blurb at the top of my event listing about not contacting me for large parties, but… as we know… people don’t read and the inquiries keep coming.

@Bjorn_Sherley_R Yes, when I start asking about their COVID safety plan, they usually do not respond. Yesterday, my response to the 10pm to 6am baby shower was “Sure! Will you cover my $1000 fine from the state if I get one for hosting your event?” No response :slight_smile:

It’s hard to turn down the potential income, but it’s just the right thing to do.


Not NYC but in area ( NJ). Prior to Covid and during these times, had inquiries for parties that I knew would end up in local newspaper, so I declined. Look up: Alpine NJ, multiple police agencies break up party in affluent neighborhood. They ask about parking, public transportation. I used to tell them that all vehicles need to be parked in driveway and streets are narrow and no street parking, this is the same for a production. With Covid, when I asked for their infection control plan and names of all attending, silence. I have since deleted my event listing. It’s not worth it with the hassle that a party could bring to the neighborhood. These were inquiries for pool parties. Of course this is problematic for those that have spaces that are for parties only. I find that if you ask questions, the ones up to no good generally don’t even reply once. The ones with honest intentions will reply back but they will realize that my place is not a good fit for them.

Yeah… I feel for the people who can only host events. I’m primarily a photo/film location so much of that has continued (after a 4 month break of nothing).

I don’t want to remove my event listing because I have people looking into weddings in summer/fall of 2021 when — fingers crossed — we can host events like that again.

In the meantime, I think I’ll up my minimum hours from 4 to 6. The price point for that duration should cut out the folks just wanting to party.


I have received two different requests from the same person. The first one made clear what they were doing. The second request down played the event and reduced the number. I am capped at 30 because I want NO ISSUES. I just wanted to warn people. The request has an IG account which is closed but linked to another account where I found their evite.

You have been warned!

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We’re a small warehouse venue in Los Angeles. I just had a phone call from a “location scout” for a 100 person party (in our 100 guest max capacity space) who want to max out our capacity but claim they’re all going to be “very conscious of social distancing” (like how’s that gunna work?) for a “dance party” from 10pm - 5am. Apparently their last venue “double booked”. Notice all the quotation marks… I couldn’t say no fast enough.

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Ha! Yeah, that’s a quick No. Pre-Covid, the majority of our bookings were events, with some Off-Site and some Production. We are now reworking the space to attract more production.

Meanwhile, we are still getting requests for baby showers, birthday parties, small weddings, etc. I tell them we are currently not allowed to host these events, and even have a message on my main photo to this effect. A recent inquiry responded with “Lots of others on this website are still booking, thanks!”

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Same here. The funny story is that seems someone else is hosting these people. This is what I’m hearing from many of our leads:

Our customer service team >>> “Sorry, but the current executive order in NYC says that a maximum of 50 people can gather in indoor spaces”
Client >>> “Oh really, ok no problem, we will book with this other person that is not capping the guest count”

I wonder if Peerspace should set up some rules in here.First, to make sure that the platform is not promoting unethical practices; second, to make sure we are all competing in equal conditions.

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Each state has different capacity restrictions, so I’m guessing Peerspace doesn’t want to keep up with the ever changing restrictions of 50 states.

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Hi @Mia_B you are totally right, but they also have a pretty amazing tech platform and would be pretty easy to filter by estate and cap the number of guests.

My proposal it’s more of an idea than a complain - I think we will get out of this one together, thinking bold and helping each other and being hyper conscious that if some allow for big gatherings, we could have a spreader event and we can go back to lockdowns - look at France, Italy, Spain right now.

Yes! It’s insane. I’m in NYC and when the city shut down in March our Peerspace inquiries went to nothing (for obvious reasons) till about May. They started trickling in, but that turned to a deluge in August, and I’ve gotten more than 300 inquiries (from Peerspace and elsewhere) since then. Everything from 20 people to 150. And they KNOW we’re a bar located in Manhattan! Don’t they read??

I’ve kept my listings up as I figure things are bound to open up at some point. I’m keeping the conversation going with those who are asking far enough in advance there’s a chance things will have changed by then. But I’m being nice to EVERYone. Might as well keep the good will as there’s always going to be another birthday to plan.

Most people don’t reply (which, sad to say, is pretty normal). But those that do are generally grateful and understanding.

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I’ve considered saying yes to these things and then shutting them down the moment they break my rules or the law. No refunds and I get paid for the full evening after only an hour of effort :slight_smile:


I just had an exchange with a guest/promoter who wanted to throw a halloween party. I informed him of the limits. This was his reply…

Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate the concern but we’ve just book a warehouse space for Saturday this morning. We’ve been selling out shows since this whole pandemic started and there are still tons of host and venue spaces renting out like normal.

I reported him to Peerspace, but I’m not hopeful they’ll do anything about it.

We gotten a couple of request for 100+ but our limit is 50 due to COVID19. Mostly small parties. i might be due to the holidays coming up and people getting more comfortable gathering.