Peerspace Social Events Policy

Dear hosts,

Today, we are announcing a new Social Events Policy. The policy highlights pre-existing rules and introduces new restrictions for hosting social events and gatherings.

In recent months, we have seen how the COVID-19 pandemic has modified local regulations and public-health orders due to social distance recommendations. The new restrictions, as well as the closure of bars, clubs, and event spaces, have caused an increase in the number of illegal or unauthorized parties. This not only represents a risk and a nuisance for neighborhoods, but also a health concern for our communities.

While most hosts and guests comply with local laws and guidelines, we need to do more to maintain a safe marketplace. Formalizing this new policy will help to ensure the wellbeing of our community.

Notable policy requirements:

  • Gatherings at residential spaces must start before 9pm and end no later than 12am.
  • Public events (alcohol or tickets are sold, advertised on social media, open attendance, etc.) are prohibited at residential spaces.
  • Guests and Hosts must comply with local orders pertaining to COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to social distancing requirements, limitations on public gatherings, wearing of masks, and the posting of signs for invitees.

Peerspace routinely scans the marketplace to flag suspicious or risky bookings. Our Trust & Safety team will cancel bookings, and may suspend accounts, that violate the Social Events Policy. Hosts should continue to enforce their own rules and maintain compliance with local laws and regulations.

In the coming weeks, we will release an update that will block guests from submitting inquiries and requests that violate the Social Events Policy. In the meantime, we ask hosts to review all inquiries and decline unauthorized events (this will not adversely affect your ranking as a host).

You can review the full Social Events Policy here.

Thank you to our growing community of hosts. We appreciate you always putting safety first.

-The Peerspace Team

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Please let me know if you have any questions about the Social Events Policy. Myself or someone from the team will do our best to answer.

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Since you’re rolling out a system to block reservations that start after 9pm, does this mean you’re finally releasing an update that automates our minimum hour requirements?

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This would be great! blocking renters from sending a booking request that is less than the minimum. I get requests all time that are under the minimum. I often go ahead and except but especially now it’s really not worth opening space for less than 4 hours when I spend at minimum 90 mins on each end of a booking cleaning. I hate to have to explain this to the renter. They have already seen the quote and they feel entitled to that price, it looks like an official offer.

Thanks @Gina_W and @Jennifer_P for the helpful feedback. We have hosts tell us that although they have a published minimum booking duration, they appreciate being able to receive requests below that threshold to decide to accept on a one-off basis. There are also many like you who would prefer not to have to deal with it.

We will think more about this in 2021. Perhaps the solution allows hosts to specify whether they are willing to entertain requests below the min hour commitment or have them blocked.

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Finally! We have been getting tons of requests for private parties and gatherings which are illegal here in LA. People even getting really rude. And I was wondering if my cancellations were hurting ranking.

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For some reason my bookings between 9:00pm-12am are blocked off yet neither of my listings are residential. Yet there are about 6-8 spaces in my building that don’t have this issue on their listings.

Perhaps when they try to book 2 hours when there is a 4 hour min the system should still quote the price for 4 hours. This is really the issue. There is a dollar value on my time for opening the space.

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I’m having the same problem… How are they determining who’s residential and who’s not? Seems arbitrary.

Hi @Vinh_B , if you would like to verify your space type with us, you may send an email to and our team can provide more guidance to determine whether your space falls within our prohibited social events clauses. Thanks.