Power Hosting--Does it Make a Difference?

I have read a number of you bemoaning the loss of Power Host status. But I am wondering how much difference it really makes in terms of gaining bookings. I have had it, lost it, and gotten it back again. The reason for losing it was insufficient bookings (while I had it) The reason for getting it back again was enough bookings (while i didn’t have it). So it would seem that how many bookings I received were not dependent on my Power Host status. Also, I wonder whether the guests really care about whether or not you’re a Power Host if they like what they see in your posting.

One thing I must admit: I do like the idea of being a Power Host. A long time ago I received from Peerspace a Power Host water bottle. It’s the closest thing to a trophy I ever got and I am considering mounting it and placing it on my mantel. :wink:

What are your experiences? Any thoughts?


Not too long ago I called customer support asking the same question. Didn’t seem like there were any benefits other than the Power Host badge itself and the Power Host Support Number for preferential customer support. I’ve mostly given up calling the Power Host customer support number in recent months as they haven’t been answering the phone.


Same here, got it, lost it, got it again. Mainly seems like a cost-free virtual way to make hosts feel good… but in the real world, not of much value. Borrowed from airbnb I believe, like many peerspace features.