Peerspace says my booking expired after two days, but it was only 2 hours - Also Peerspace is trying to charge him $1,000,000 for a new booking

My client rebooked for a second shoot the day after his first one. He called and asked if he could come back today. I said yes. He booked the shoot for two hours. I just got a notification that I had let a booking expire after 48 hrs. I called him, he asked what had happened. I said I didn’t know & to please rebook. He just called me and said when he tried, Peerspace had the right price, $40/hr, and then the price for two hours is $1,000,000!
I told him to show up and we would just try to keep booking it through Peerspace. I don’t like not having the booking confirmed through Peerspace, but a $1,000,000 charge is beyond ridiculous.
Please fix ASAP!!!


LOL. That gave me a great laugh. That is the funniest posting ever. Hope you get it sorted out

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Thank you! What a weird glitch! He tried again, same thing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi @Knox_B, we are aware of this bug which only occurs when using the iOS app and when the booking start time is in the past. Please ask your guest to resubmit with a start time at least an hour after the current time.

We do have a fix for this issue which will be going to the app store soon. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you, Rony. Glad you are aware of it.

Rony- I see the “expired” booking is still on my bookings list. Can you please remove it. I don’t want it on my record. Thank you. -Knox