Guest inquired for an event but instant booked a meeting

I had a customer communicate via an inquiry (which had the correct price/total) and a walkthrough that they want to do an event in my space. They later instant booked an offsite and I let them know that was incorrect and sent them an update/offer with my event price. The customer has not accepted my update and its been more than 24 hours since the instant booking. Any advice? I dont want to allow the customer into my space for an offsite knowing they are doing an event.

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Not exactly what you can do about this–probably Peerspace can sort it out–but this sort of thing is the reason I do not allow instant bookings. You might want to consider turning off that feature in the future.

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Difficult position but you have done everything right so far. If they haven’t replied to your requests for revised pricing then talk with host quietly when they arrive and inform them of the situation. They need to accept revised offer before they can access the space. Keep calm and simply explain the difference in pricing. You have a record of your conversation so Peerspace should support you if there is any issue.

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Hi @Tayo_A,

I would call/message the client and keep records of everything so when Peerspace asks for your reasoning behind the additional costs they know if they end up using the studio.

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Seriously? They defrauded you in order to get a lower price and then ghosted you when you asked for clarification. It’s no different than walking into a store, intentionally tearing off the price tag for a cheaper item and putting it on a more expensive item.

You guys, when stuff like this happens, you cancel the booking, It’s even listed as a cancellation reason. This is not the type of client you want in your space.


Hello Deacon, I believe I should cancel as well but I’m worried that Peerspace will ding me for it… I reached out to customer service but they dont seem to get that this is wrong for the customer to do and told me I could also charge her after the event but the customer still has to approve of those charges. They can see the initial inquiry and the customer questioning my pricing for events. I will try reaching out to customer service again. Thanks Deacon!

I dont really feel comfortable allowing someone in my space knowing they intend to use it for something else. However, customer service let me know this is an option but that the customer would have to accept the charges. I’m worried if they are not honest now will they be honest after the event? Thank you Eli!

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Thank you Laura! I tried reaching out again! I definitely dont want a bad review so hopefully the customer responds/accepts so there is no miscommunication thr day of the event.

Thank you Yvonne! Instant bookings makes up at least half of my business. This is the first customer I’ve had do this but now I know instead of sending an update with the correct price I should just cancel.

I would reach out to them directly explaining the confusion. Maybe consider giving them a one time small discount as a small good gesture of course noting it in the peerspace platform.

There’s an option for “client booked the wrong type of rental” or something like that. You won’t get dinged for it, especially with the ignored messages that you sent afterwards!

Yes, exactly my thoughts! Plus, they’re more likely to leave a negative review if you went through with the rental, but charged them more money

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Hi Tayo, sorry about your situation. The guest has not put themselves in a good light, intentionally booking under the wrong category, and now ignoring your communications. I would be inclined to cancel the booking for the reason, “Booked under wrong listing.” Then it’s up to you if you still want them as a guest.

If you do, you can immediately send a quote with the correct rate, and in the notes add, “Quote updated for correct event rate.” Then they can accept, or not.

I wonder what impact it would have if you turned off Instant Booking. To me, there is no reason they can’t just send a booking request, and you accept, or ask questions if needed.

Let us know how it goes, good luck!

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I would follow Peerspace’s instructions. Tell them about the charges and if they agree send them the new offer.

Tayo- how did things turn out?

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I’m curious as well!

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