What are your thoughts on the Instant Book Feature?


Has anyone used the new feature or is it still available only to select users. I don’t care to use it.


I don’t think I will be using the new Instant Book feature for several reasons. One, there are too many details about the shoot that I need to know before accepting a booking. For instance, the amount of gear a guest will be bringing into the unit, the number of people occupying the unit, and exactly what they want to utilize the space for. Also, I like to do my due diligence and look over the host reviews of that specific guest interested in booking my space to ensure they have acted professionally in the past. I don’t want work with people that have disrespected other people’s spaces or have been a burden to work with.


Thanks for posting the question! We’re excited about the Instant Book feature but realize it does not apply to every listing or space type. That said, we want to build the feature in a way that eases the common concerns surrounding Instant Book.

First, a guest must review and accept a host’s rules prior to checking out. This is an opportunity to include information on what is not allowed in your space such as a large number of attendees. In addition, if the event is taking place in less than 24 hours, the guest will not be able to Instant Book and will be directed to send a booking request for host approval.

If a host receives an Instant Booking that they’re not comfortable hosting, they can cancel anytime penalty free. The host can also request to update the booking if the price or other details need to be adjusted.

We’re currently working on additional features to make hosts more comfortable with using Instant Book and look forward to sharing those details soon. If you’re interested in joining the beta program head to your “listings” page and follow the steps to request access to Instant Book. As always we greatly appreciate your feedback on all features and will do our best to address your comments.


I had not seen it yet, but when I read your post, I went and checked it out. Once I am approved I can let you know what I think. I will say that hopefully it will cut down the lag time between the initial interest and closing the sale, as it were. It seems that too many people drift away or get distracted during the normal process so maybe this will help keep them focused. Look forward to trying it asap! Thx.


Thanks Tim. Yes, you’re spot on. The top request from guests is instant confirmation - they want to get their space secured as quickly as possible. As I mentioned above, we do realize the host concerns with this approach and are striving to build a feature that works for everyone.


Hi Rony,

Quick question about what you said in a previous message. You mentioned that if we need to cancel a booking that came through the instant book feature, there won’t be penalty for us hosts. Is there a limitation of time for this penalty free situation when canceling these bookings?


Hi @Eduard_M, thanks for the question. Currently there is no time limit on penalty-free Instant Book cancellations as long as the cancellation reason is excused. You can learn more about excused cancellations here: https://support.peerspace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018674331-Can-I-cancel-an-Instant-Booking-. That said, we strongly recommend that a host cancels an Instant Booking as soon as they know that it is not the right fit for their space.


Hi, I think this feature will be possible for some bookings probably but not for all. When you get a request for a film or photo shoot with 6 or 8 crew, who want to shoot around your pool, you can use the Instant Book Feature. But when it is a crew of 50, they want to shoot in the house, you have to know exactly what they need before accepting. You need to make sure they know they have to cover the floors, they have insurance, they know the rules and are prepared to follow them, etc… there are too many details to discuss. Same with the events, when they request a party for 150 people, you have to discuss a few things, is everybody 21, are they serving alcohol, what is the volume of music they request, how are they inviting people, etc… You could not possibly accept a booking like this in a Residence. Some other venues would probably be more suited for that.


Hi Martine, I appreciate the feedback! We’ll be rolling out various Instant Book preferences in 2019 to give hosts more control over which guests / activities can Instant Book. Here are some preferences we are considering:

  • Advance notice flexibility. eg: 1 day, 3 days, 7 days from event start time.
  • Restrict time of day. eg: no instant bookings past 8pm or on weekends
  • Minimum hours required to book
  • Maximum number of attendees
  • Only allow guests who have positive reviews
  • Do not allow if alcohol will be present
  • Do not allow specific activity types. eg: parties

Do you have any other suggestions for Instant Book preferences? Please chime in!


I think you have covered it all. That’s great.




Love it but no takers yet


How about a link where they can download a set of house rules before they book?


Thank you @Rony_C for clarifying!



Can’t you already see that in the listing?



Had our first instant booking this week and thankfully, it went well. However, we were fortunate that it was a small production and met our minimum posted hourly rate requirements, meant for smaller groups. I imagine if a larger production instant booked, then was met with a request for substantially more money (even if described clearly in our listing details) for their larger crew, they’d not be delighted to hear that, and it could sour the burgeoning relationship.

It would be helpful if as hosts we could specify different hourly rates for different types of bookings (ie 8-person photo shoot vs. 35-person music video vs. 50-person commercial shoot) that reflect the impact and any additional requirements (ie portable restrooms).

But for now, we’re testing the instant book feature and hopeful I’ll appeal to certain guests. – we do like getting to know the guest before booking, by messaging and direct communication.


Hi @Rony_C,

I think you have covered most of them but there are a few other preferences that we think should be highly considered:

  1. Either tiered pricing based on size /number of attendees or the ability to adjust the booking rate based on the size/number of attendees. We currently charge a much higher rate than our list price for bookings with 15+ guests and we wouldn’t want a large crew being able to book for a price that is intended for a smaller footprint.
  2. Ability to cancel a booking within a certain amount of time without any penalty to the Host.



Minimum hours required to book - this needs to be added asap!


I just got my first Instant booking… I have a Boy Band on Universal book a listening party for their new album with ONLY TWO HOURS NOTICE! I’m very curious to see how this goes. They’ll be here in an hour so I’ll let you know!


Fingers crossed, how did it go?


Hi @Oktay_O, @Tim_D, and other hosts on this thread,

I’m excited to share that we’ve just released some new product features:
-Host updates: host can now update a booking after it has been confirmed/accepted. This will be very useful for adding additional charges such as catering or rentals, or making changes to an Instant Booking for example updating the cleaning fee or subtotal of a booking (rather than having to cancel the booking).
-Guests can no longer instant book if their duration is less than the minimum allowed by the host. (@Tim_D, it is not possible for a guest to instant book with less than 24 hours notice, they must send an inquiry/request first)
-Search by date: you may have also noticed that guests can now search/filter by date and time. This has been one of the most common requests from guests and we’re excited to have it live. Keeping your calendars up to date as best as you can will help us ensure the success of this feature, and ultimately lead to more bookings for all hosts.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback. We’re looking forward to more awesome product updates in 2019!

Happy Holiday,