Anyone getting many last minute 'booking requests', not 'inquiries'?

Hey Peer community! Has anyone else been receiving a lot of last minute ‘booking requests’ lately? As opposed to simple inquiries? The issue I am having is that these booking requests seem to be made in haste and do not usually end up in an actual booking. They don’t seem to read the space rules, and assume they can book an event even in a few hours notice. It just seemed like before this, people would inquire and I would have good back and forth with them before booking. I don’t want the cancellations to reflect on my record, which is probably my main concern, other than the hassle of dealing with hasty guests. Anyone have this issue?

Thanks for the story and the good advice. Yes, as a rule I have trouble trusting last minute bookings, but I have been getting a lot of them lately, as opposed to just inquires. Is this just a result of the ‘instant booking’ feature? And since these last minute bookings usually lead to a cancelation does that affect my standing as a power host?

If the cancellation is initiated by you, then it all depends on the reason for the cancellation. If the cancellation is initiated by your renter, then it shouldn’t affect your status.

But in general, put your safety and sanity above all else and go with your gut!

Thanks for the good advice and communication!

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I agree that last minute booking requests are generally a red flag. I am not interested in the Instant Booking feature as there is no reason that a potential guest can’t write and say:

“Hi [host name], I am with Three Initial Corporation and we are looking for a venue for our two-day How To Be a Zillionaire workshop. We love your space and wanted to see if it is available on June X-XX.”

I look for the most basic courtesy, like “Hi Brad” in their initial inquiry, not just “Hi.”

Just this morning I received a booking request with no previous dialog, so rather than accept, I raised some questions to clarify their intended use of the space. I want to make sure my space is right for them, and they are a fit for our venue. I don’t accept until I feel comfortable.


Oh, I was reviewing recent inquiries to see if any needed a follow-up, and one caught my eye. Here is our exchange, let’s call him “Justin”:

INQ: Hello I was wondering if I can use the space for this Saturday June 1st from 9pm -1am for a private event. Please get back to me with details as soon as possible thank you.
[RED FLAG: he wants me to provide information, while he has provided no important details. And he has already lost points with me in that he did not say Hello Brad. Perhaps that is just my own petty little quirk, but it bugs me.]

ME: Hey Justin, thanks for your note. The space might be available, I’m in Topanga with limited reception right now so I will have to check on a couple of things. Please tell me about your plans for the evening and we can see if we are a fit for you. We do have a 5-hour minimum for weekend events, and we typically wrap things with everyone out of the space by midnight.
[no response for a day-and-a-half. Then he writes again … ]

INQ: Sorry I found a location for the event I am having, but I was wondering is the space is available for either next Friday or Saturday.
[has still not provided any information]

ME: What sort of events are you looking to host? The more you tell us about your plans, the quicker we can see if we are a fit for you.
[no response, end of thread, I assume I have dodged a bullet]

So I checked his profile, and yes, he booked a Peerspace venue this weekend.

One star.


I do like last minute booking requests, usually it is from people who lost their venue at the last minute too, I haven’t had any problems with them.

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I get last minute full bookings frequently but sometimes from repeat customers. For example last night someone wanted to book for today… but only needed 2 1/2 hrs and I have in writing a 4 hr minimum. I explained this to them in my note and told them if they could modify to a 4 hr booking I can accept, which they did. I feel you need to always have your space ready as possible to rent or show as last minute bookings or showings come up all the time. I would say more than 75% of my last minute showings end up booking my studio. Bottom line is when you close up be ready to rent.

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@Robert_R Yes I get a lot of last minute bookings as well. People who literally come in the same day three hours later. People are always getting Instagram content completed.

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Thanks! This is great to see. I have these back and forth exchanges often, so it’s nice to see another’s experience. yeah, that’s the best advice with any request, to really use that second sense and make sure you know what you’re getting yourself and your space into. Thanks again!

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Thanks for your experience. I do like the last minute booking idea, since i don’t want to lose any bookings, but I have found that it’s important to vet the request well to make sure that they are prepared and are not hiding anything. In my case like trying to get underage drinking at the event, or going over capacity.


I have a no alcohol policy and usually get a good description of their request and I don’t host parties
But I heard a lot of problems about the underage drinking