How to explain fee to guests booking a party

Hi, I have a party bookings pending and I’m getting significant pushback from the guest about the Peerspace booking fee. I explained that I can’t book her party outside of Peerspace because she found me through Peerspace. I’m afraid I’m going to lose this booking and possibly receive a negative review because of this interaction. Shes visited my venue twice now and asked to book direct with me. I politely explained I couldn’t and I sent her an updated Peerspace quote. She emailed just now saying she doesn’t want to pay the Peerspace booking fee and that she wants to book direct with me. Here I am trying to be above board and I’m fairly certain it’s going to end badly.


Being blunt here, but is that the type of person you really want in your space? Run, don’t walk away from that situation!

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That’s very true; was thinking similarly.

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Hi Amanda. I always make it a short conversation. “You found me on Peerspace, so you will book us through their service.”

You can tell them:

  • Peerspace provides a valuable service, and that they would not have found you otherwise;

  • Peerspace takes a fee from you as well, and that is how it works;

  • If they don’t want to pay the fee, they should stop looking on Peerspace;

  • All hosts will tell them the same thing.

And as Deacon said, when they push hard on something like this, you probably do not want them in your space. It’s hard turning away business, but when it doesn’t feel right, it’s the better choice.

All the best!


Yes, the Peerspace booking fee has recently been the cause of a potential client not booking my space. Maybe Peerspace needs to lower its booking fee.

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Hi Daphne. I thought the 5% was reasonable and easy to explain. As it goes higher (I usually see 8% when I check on my bookings), I can see it being more problematic. Hosts need to provide this feedback to Peerspace for sure if they are losing bookings due to the Fee.

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Yes, it is just a feedback of my last experience. I Told the client the flat fee discounted that I offer and Peerspace was adding $47 fee, and that made him mad. But as Peerspace takes a cut from our bookings, bd careful not to be be too greedy and havd the potential guests, clients turn away from your platform

@Daphne_S, @Brad_B, @Amanda_V, @Deacon_T, and others who have commented here, our team sincerely appreciates your efforts to uphold our community guidelines that requires hosts and guests to use Peerspace platform to complete their bookings. As others have stated, the fees are meant to be shared between both parties, they pay for our marketing costs, support for each booking, insurance benefits, secure payment processing, and many other benefits. Peerspace’s service fees allow us to maintain our business operations and invest in building features that serve all of our users better.

Thanks again for your continued support in this area. If you encounter guests who are trying to get you to book outside of Peerspace, please do let us know so we can look into the issue discreetly.

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Thanks Matthew. Along those lines, I feel it would be useful to have some kind of discreet, real-time review process of guests actively looking for a space. Not the public post-event reviews, but comments about them as a prospect shared internally.

We can alert each other: Wanted to book outside of Peerspace; did not show for site visit; disrespectful, offensive etc during site visit; not forthcoming with details about their event; lying, suspicious, etc.


Thanks @Brad_B and @Deacon_T.

Just to add if they damage anything in your location Peerspace is your liaison between you and the guest.

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