How long to do business w/someone you met on Peerspace?

We all can agree that it would be wrong to go around Peerspace and book outside of their realm. My question is: What exactly are the rules? It’s seems to be this large grey area in which I can’t provide answers to people that ask me.

  1. How long after, if someone decides NOT to book you, are they able to book you at a later date, not using Peerspace? What if I see them 5 years later on the street? or 3 months later at a film party?

  2. If they do meet you first on Peerspace, how many times are they required to use Peerspace in the future for their future bookings? 1 time, 3 times, for life?

I think Peerspace needs to make this clear, because I’m sure people are constantly trying to book around the site, which isn’t cool at all… but hosts also need some very transparent and detailed guidelines so they can stay within the rules.


It would appear,both logically and ethically, that as long as the Peerspace Host maintains a presence on the Peerspace site and is the beneficiary of the benefits of being a Peerspace Host, then, Peerspace deserves compensation.


Not sure there is any grey area at all. If someone tries to pay you off of Peerspace, politely direct them back to the site and let them know you only book your Peerspace referrals through Peerspace. There is also an option through Peerspace if someone wants to negotiate with you if you are willing.


My rule is if I met them through Peerspace I keep them on Peerspace. I have a regular who uses the studio, who has requested we go outside of Peerspace I mentioned to them I would prefer not to do so. Don’t forget the main reasons: They are a liaison between you and the guest if you have ANY complications(honestly they are amazing on how quick and good response they get), insurance policy covered in all bookings(yes you have your own but this is for their guests).

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Many situations can arise, for example:

What if they aren’t using peerspace anymore? If so, what is the kosher timeframe?

What if they made an account but never used it?

What if it’s a different project now, and they’ve contacted you through another channel?

What if they have gone through peerspace before, are they now forever obligated to use peerspace for all future projects even if they don’t use it again?

We need to know the boundaries so if someone asks us, we can give them clear cut answers (listed in the peerspace policies), without guessing.

Many people are gonna try get around the system, as they do with agents. But I think if peerspace clarifies these things, it’ll eliminate a lot of snakes. This topic is the real elephant in the room.

Why would they not be using Peerspace anymore? They have so man options.
If they found you here, you should keep them here. That is Kosher.

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