Guests insisting on going off the platform to talk


I am new to Peerspace. I just got my first booking site unseen for 1 hour in my yoga studio. Yeah! More often I am met with potential renters that inquire about my other party venue and they offer their number and email. I understand the unique requests that party hosts may have and normally I would contact them if they came through Yelp or word of mouth. I am trying to follow terms of service from my understanding on Peerspace and I’m being met with hostility. I try to get at the very basic information about the event. I ask how many guests, hours and what would you like to bring in?

I am being met with renters who have no patience for communicating on site and they stop communicating. One was especially angry with me after just one day of communicating this way. I had answered all of her questions but she would not answer mine. I am wondering how common this is and ideas on a balance way to accept a phone call but also get most of the information on the platform.

This is very awkward for me as someone who is used to communicating these events over the phone and in person.


Hi Gina,

I have a simple rule I tell all guests who come and see the studio. “If you have questions about the studio, please call me or text, if you have a question about the rate and time of booking put it on the app.” So If they met me through Peerspace, I keep the booking through Peerspace. The fee that they charge itself is a great selling tool(1. Peerspace is a mediator between you and the guest, 2. You are GUARANTEED your payment, and many more).

In regards to communication, now everyone is too busy to respond. I usually send 2-3 messages and if I don’t get a response I know they found another place or just not interested.
Good Luck!


I agree with Eli , if the guest can’t follow a simple email exchange it may be a red flag for hosting them in your space or they have moved on. If a guest seems legitimate, at times I’ll offer up my phone number to chat about specifics. But booking thru the site is rule #1 .


We typically end up managing the event aspect outside of Peerspace once the booking is secured. Mostly due to our need to handle catering and security. Both of which require attachments which peerspace is not setup to handle. If they setup an attachment feature then we can handle everything in peerspace.


I book my space a lot, but I get even more ghosting: someone inquires and I answer all their questions in the positive … and I never hear from them again. It’s a bit exhausting.

I could be helpful if we could rate inquiries internally, during the inquiry process. When I get an inquiry, I don’t even think to look at their ratings because most of my bookings are from first-timers. If someone inquires but never responds after that, that could be useful for others to know. Of if they try to book outside of Peerspace, or are rude during a site visit, etc.

I personally prefer to communicate online and have our communication documented. If you feel you need to jump on the phone with a client you would like to book, that is fine too. As long as they book through the platform, all good.


Hi Everyone

I feel that sometimes phone calls are nessasary to ‘feel the person/situation out’. In some cases it can also make it much easier for me to secure the booking.

I only like to email if additional pictures are requested.

One thing I do if I feel the need to communicate via phone/email - I always send a follow up message through peerspace with the details of our phone conversation.
This keeps things documented and transparent.


I also agree with and like what @Eli_P wrote:

’ I have a simple rule I tell all guests who come and see the studio. “If you have questions about the studio, please call me or text, if you have a question about the rate and time of booking put it on the app.” ’


Hi All,

Thanks for your input and suggestions. I think I have found the right balance now when renters ask for a call or a site visit. I did get my first sight unseen booking for one hour yoga studio time. The guy was great and so were his class. I got another booking for a charity event. The young lady visited first then booked later that night. I do prefer a visit to my main party space before booking because it’s a unique lay out and not everyone’s style. It’s a hidden venue above retail shops. The lobby, stairs and common area is very plain but by contrast once they see my very colorful pop Art Deco, they are surprise and pleased. There have been some that see the out side and feel their people would not approve! The yoga studio is on the same floor but yogi’s are all about minimalism and respect and vibe so the plain entrance and nice new studio is just fine.

I feel this is going to be a great platform for my spaces so I added more last night…basically every available space except my bathroom. I admit I was tempted to rent that our too…haha…it is a nice big bathroom! I imagined someone sitting in there for and hour on their laptop. I came to my senses and didn’t do it.

happy Sunday All