Improving Communications


I would love to be able to message all of our past clients who have booked through Peerspace and offer them a discount code to rebook. However I don’t think there is an option for this. I think the communication process via Peerspace can be improved on. I don’t like having to ask our clients for their contact information. Would be a much more streamlined process to display their contact info to the host once a booking is confirmed.


I agree. When someone schedules a site visit or books the space, the first things I ask for is full name, cell # and email address. Would be nice if messaging via Peerspace could be more robust.


Everything else on Peerspace is great but the messaging. It’s really bulky and needs to be more user friendly. I would say we get 95% of our business through Peerspace so I am constantly having to ask for their info. All Peerspace needs to do is have a user agreement that notifies users that their email (at the bare minimum) will be made visible to the host once a booking is accepted.


I imagine one issue with sharing contact information is the concern that hosts will book guests directly and bypass the Peerspace system. I appreciate that Peerspace has always felt trusting, and getting contact info has never felt like an issue.

We get the occasional inquiry who asks, typically at a site visit, “So, do we book through Peerspace? Can we just book with you?” Without hesitation, an inquiry that came through Peerspace has to be booked there. I have also had a few direct inquiries who I have directed to our Peerspace listings.

Some other platforms are more restrictive with messaging and sharing contact information, and it definitely slows the process.


Agreed about the messaging–although I ask for contact info as a matter of course, so that if something happens 15 minutes before the rental start time I can call/text and tell them. As it is, when someone books, I send them a link to a Google form survey that asks a whole lot of questions about setup and needs during the rental–but the first thing is “point person during the rental” and contact info for that person.

I’d also love to be able to send attachments through Peerspace messaging; sometimes someone wants a floorplan with furniture set up in a particular conformation, or the specs on our AV equipment… something that I have already set up in a doc file.


A feature I wish Peerspace would make available is “search” in the message inbox. That way, hosts can locate an inquiry or ongoing conversation with a guest quickly. For hosts who receive, say, 10+ inquiries a week, after a month or two it becomes very tedious to scroll through pages of emails to find a specific guest.

A search function by keyword or guest name would be tremendously helpful.


When someone makes an inquiry on Peerspace, the first thing I ask for is their cell phone number. This should be required by Peerspace since a dialogue needs to occur before booking. This would eliminate any delays for the person making the inquiry.


I always direct everyone to book my space through Peerspace as well. The contact information collection feels to flow naturally as the conversation evolves around bookings in my experience. It would be great to get a report from Peerspace about all the guests I’ve had and then be able to send them all a happy holiday message or as Blink_C mentions above, do some outbound marketing to certain types of past guests as well.


These are great ideas @Brad_B and @Amy_W! We’d love to be able to offer a more streamlined solution for this in the future and will pass on the note to the team. Keep the suggestions coming!


We recently started a spreadsheet (Google Sheets) as a database for rental clients. I have not done any mailings yet, but I also like the idea.