Better Messaging

There have been a lot of cool new features added to Peerspace lately, yet there’s one that’s been overlooked and that I’m still dying for!


It seems nuts that we don’t have the following features like most other platforms.

1: Delete/archive messages — I have so many inquires that didn’t work out clogging up my messages. Desperately need a way to remove them.

2: Initial messages disconnected from booking messages — This makes me nuts! I spend a lot of time negotiating potential guests and sending them detailed rules and info about my space. Unfortunately, when they flip from lead to customer, the system starts a new thread for the booking. This causes all of my detailed info to be disconnected from the conversation. It’s also nearly impossible to go back and find the original message (see #1 above).

3: Search — If I can’t have the above features, please offer a search for messages. That way, I can at least search for the person’s name or for keywords to dig up what I’m looking for.

I’m clearly not the only one that needs these things. There are a couple of threads asking for similar things. Most recently, this one from back in March it was said the development team was working on it Improving Communications

Any updates for us?!?!

~ G


Hi @Geoffrey_B,

We feel you! Agree 100% in what you request. However, happy to share a pro-tip that is been very helpful for our team and myself in order to make search an option - if you go to the email where you receive the Peerspace notifications, you will be able to search by a particular client’s name by typing “Peerspace + Client Name” - your email search engine will show you a list of all emails/conversations you had with this client - if you click one of them and click the button in the body of the email that says “Reply + Name of Client” it will take you directly to the thread you have open with that particular client in the platform.

I know it’s not the best option, but it relieves a lot the pain of not having what you very well request and expose in your email.

Thank you


Great tips. Would also like to see an “ACTIVE/INACTIVE” button like Amazon uses. It’s in Settings under Listing Status and says Going on Vacation? Then we can choose Active or Inactive. It’s a great feature when one knows that he/she will; be out of cell/internet reach or just needs a short break.

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That’s a good idea @Eduard_M! We normally delete these notifications as redundant, but might be worth archiving them for their searchability. Thanks!

I use an add-on extension to Gmail called Streak

It’s a nice CRM tool that allows you to create projects and track their process, collect documents, etc. I use this for all my bookings to collect things into one place as my shoots and events often have a lot of 3rd party vendors that message me outside of Peerspace.

Currently, like @Brad_B I delete any message from Peerspace that aren’t about payments. I think I’ll start saving everything so that I can refer back as @Eduard_M suggests.

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