When will PeerSpace make links, pdf's and images avaible to post in messaging?

When will PeerSpace make links, pdf’s and images available to post in messaging?
This will enhance communications between Host and guest 100%
The business model that PeerSpace has adopted is very similar to Airbnb. I wish they would adopt a lot more items like this for Host and Guest.
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Couldn’t agree more! I have to include links to files posted on dropbox for EVERY single renter I have, granted my work around seems to be working but it would be a much more professional and clean looking interaction if i could simply attach a file to the message

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I send links in messages all the time. Works fine as far as I know.

Once someone books with me, I get their email address and then usually communicate details that way. Easier (and faster) to share docs, pix, etc.

I also asked this to peerspace on the phone and seems the premise is that they really don’t want to make it easier to allow external communication simply because it’s harder to police people that book outside the platform. They lose business when hosts book outside the platform and trying to keep everyone messaging on their platform is kind of easy for them to do.

I am certainly for increasing communication with guest. I would say to just allow us to attach a file that that’s already in our workspace would be helpful. That way they can just approve it.

The problem with waiting until the Guest has booked is that often my potential renters want specific pictures so they can imagine what their event will look like (one today wants photos of our ceilings!). This means that I’ve got multiple conversations going with a guest in multiple places–and we’re outside the Peerspace platform (so that I always have to remind the prospective renter that, since they contacted us through PS, they have to book through PS).