Adding files & images through messenger


I love peerspace messenger, especially in the app. However, it would be helpful to be able to attach files like images or pdf/word files right through the messenger. Does Peerspace plan to add such features?


Yeah I agree. This is a huge pain when clients are requesting more photos or a video upload and I have to get their cell to text.


I cannot LIKE this question hard enough. I have renters who come in via other channels whom I handle by email, and the Peerspace renters, and because I have to step outside the Peerspace platform to attach files, I wind up corresponding with Peerspace renters in multiple places, which makes keeping track of details a touch nightmarish.


Completely agree with this, it’s hard to keep track when you are on several different devices and through email/text/app/Peerspace online…kind of frustrating to remember who you’ve said what to.


very very much agree with you. i always need to send maps and other documentation …