Attachments in messaging


Anybody have a best practice for sending a special floorplans to the client? I wish there were a way to attach something to your message, like there is on Splacer!


Save it on google docs/sheets and send them the VIEW ONLY version.


Hey Chrissy, a best practice for adding your floor plan would be adding it to your photos on your listing so that guests can see the layout and you don’t have to send it out each time. Many host will make it the second or third photo. The same goes for your menu if you offer catering.



Hi Lawrence,

Thanks for reaching out! I do have a generic floorplan in my pictures, but many clients want a specific floorplan based on what we discussed for their setup and their individual needs.
In these cases, it makes more sense to be able to send them a specific document as opposed to it being uploaded it for everybody to see.

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Hey Chrissy, for that case use I would recommend using a Google Drive link, Box or Dropbox that is viewable. As you can send links over message to your guests.


Yes, I wish there were a way to send a pic to someone who is asking to “see” a certain thing about the space, or so that I may send one that shows what has been done in the past without adding lots more images to my site.


Such a good idea! I thought I would get a slap on the wrist if I linked to anything external though?