Client confused by Booking Update

Hi everyone -I am happy that this forum exists. I read it consistently, and now I have an issue I would like your opinion on.
On more than one occasion, after a client booked, they realized they need more time for their event. I send through a booking update, and what Peerspace sends to the client is a brand new (higher) total without referencing the amount the client paid when booking. Rather than indicating the new amount, the amount already paid, and the difference owed, the client thinks they are being charged twice. It creates more work for me because I have to reassure the client that we are not trying to charge them twice. It seems like an easy fix on the part of Peerspace. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks in advance for your thoughts

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Hi Elizabeth!
I have experienced my own challenges with updating bookings; often times, clients will allow the update to expire while swearing that they approved it (and in one case or more, they were correct, but it never updated on my end).

Since then, I have required them to initiate booking updates from their end and let them know that if they run into trouble, to email

It completely absolves us of any responsibility and saves quite a bit of time as well.

I hope that helps!!

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Hi @Elizabeth_K,

Thank you for sharing your feedback about the custom offer feature. We understand that the older system may have been a little confusing to guests so the product team has updated the custom offer feature as of November 2019. The feature has been rolled out to all users. Guests will now see the additional amount they will be charged as well as the current total they have already paid for. I’ve included screenshots below so that you can see how to works form both sides of the marketplace.

Guest view for Custom Offers: The guest will see the new charges on the updated offer under the additional charge section in green.

If the hours are reduced or an add-on is removed by the host the guest will be able to see the refund amount in place of the additional charge section.

Host View for Custom Offers: The host will see their updated payout in green before the offer is sent to the guest.

The host can view the current booking details versus the new offer details on the right-hand side of the offer page.

Please let me know if you have any follow up questions or concerns. Thank you again for sharing your feedback and being a longtime Power Host with Peerspace since 2017.



That’s terrific, thanks Lawrence.

Hi Deacon- I had no idea that clients could initiate the change on their end. As a host I don’t get to see what the client sees. Thanks for this bit of intel. The next time a client wants to change something I’ll ask them to make the change. Thanks!

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Hi Lawrence- this looks great! As this feature has been available since November and my experience was in January, I don’t understand why I was presented with the old system. I hope the entire network gets updated soon - I’m bound to get another change request soon. Thank you for this information…Elizabeth

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Hi @Elizabeth_K,

Thank you for your reply. I took a look at your booking, it appears that the guest sent two separate booking requests rather than updating the existing booking back on 11/25.

One of the bookings shows up as being declined the other is accepted. The new update sent on Tuesday 1/14 was an actual custom booking where the guest should be able to see the new offer page.

Happy to discuss this further with you over email if you would like? I can send you a more detailed email regarding your booking if you would like to dive deeper into this.