First Time Reservation Expired!

Hi All,

My guest had made a reservation, but I didn’t see an option to accept for some reason. I must have missed it.

We have confirmed the event through messaging, but now it has expired. I asked her to resubmit the reservation, but she’s afraid they will charge her card again.

Is that the case or is it just a hold until I actually accept. Could you please advise what I should do? I don’t want to lose this reservation.

Thank you.

Hi Aniela, typically a guest will inquire about your space, and you exchange a few messages about the potential booking. This includes an event date and time, but it is not a reservation, which is why you did not see an option to accept.

They must send a booking request, and that is what you can review and accept.

At this point, one option is for you to initiate the booking request yourself. On the phone app, look at your messages with this guest and tap on “Details”. There you will see Create Custom Offer. Tap that and fill in the details you have agreed upon, and send to your guest.

When they accept, you have your booking!

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Thanks so much! I did get a message saying to ask the guest to send another request. I don’t remember what the price of the booking was, so I’m apprehensive of sending the custom offer as I don’t want to send the wrong price. I just wanted to make sure they wouldn’t be charged. But it seems like it is not an official charge. Thank you for your help.

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Hi Brad - I didn’t use the app, I’ve been doing this from my laptop. But the guest reached back out and said they already took the funds out of their account, but it’s still saying the reservation has expired. So I’m not sure how to handle this. I’ve been checking to see if Peerspace has a customer service number and I don’t see any. I’m just afraid to send out another request and have a double payment taken out. Is Creating Custom Offer the best option?

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I don’t work for Peerspace, so I don’t know exactly how it works on their end. It may be like this: when the guest inquires, PS may put a hold on a credit card (that could look like a charge to guest). Then the card is actually charged when a booking is requested and accepted.

Reach out to

When is the event?

That’s what I was thinking, but wanted to confirm it with them. I had also reached out to them via the help email. But haven’t heard back from them. The event is 10/31, so I have time. But wanted to put the guest’s mind to rest because she’s afraid of the double charge and running into a negative balance on her end. I also called PS and the message was to wait to hear back from the help desk. Hopefully that is the case and it will be fixed soon.

Thank you Brad for your response and suggestions, appreciate it!

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