Hey Peerspace Community!
My space is new on the channel and I was wondering if anyone had any tips they could give in how to book my first few rental.

I also have a question for the peerspace team is there anyway in the future we will have promotional options through the site, in which we would either pay additional for monthly? or for a specific amount of time. My space is listed on like the 9th page in most searches and I don’t think people would even have the attention span to go that far.

Or possibly even a page shuffle? giving all host a equal opportunity to listings? I understand there are spaces on the site who book frequently due to page exposure.

Just throwing ideas out there im proud to be apart of the community can’t wait to starting working and hosting :relaxed:


Good morning- I am no expert, but if I were to add a new space i’d price it a little below market value until I had a few reviews and then gradually increase the price. I find having very positive reviews helps when it comes to closing the deals.

Also, update your info based on commonly asked questions.

Cheers! Enjoy the journey!


I am so disappointed in this process. I have not had one inquiry in months
I posted great photos have wonderful setup lowered the price …and the.
when I found out they don’t have a search by key word I couldn’t believe it. No inquiries as of yet to our beautiful country setting

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Yea maybe I’ll try lowering the price And see what happen

Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing your questions and feedback. We’re glad to welcome you to the Peerspace host community!

Our team put together the following resource for new hosts to rely on in the first few weeks of going live. Hopefully you’ll find some relevant tips inside: Beginner’s Guide - A journey to your first five-star review (pro-tip: download it for safe keeping down the road)

To ensure you get eyes on your listings, brand new hosts receive a temporary “boost” in search results. To understand the factors that determine your placement after these first few weeks, I recommend this article.

Guests often apply multiple filters and use keyword search (from the search results page) to narrow in on what they’re looking for, so remember - sort isn’t everything :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Happy hosting,