Getting your first few bookings


Hello! I am new to Peerspace but have hosted many types of events and rented space for film, meetings and projects. I am not having a good experience so far with getting my first booking. I have had many inquiries and requests to book. I have followed up on every one. I allow site visits but have had no shows. I can imagine if having the choice of a venue with 5 star reviews and a venue with none…I’d choose the one with reviews.

How did some of you get to your first few bookings and build the momentum on Peerspace?


Hi Gina,

I’ve been at it a while, but when I first started, I kept my price low and slowly built it up until I reached a threshold and have kept it at that price. I am sure you are doing the other things like having great pictures and a good list of amenities. You might also try to narrow your audience. We have a gallery, se we list as such and get some nice inquiries from artists.



Hi Gina!
Not sure why but scouters do not show as well. That is why I schedule them 15 mins before another booking since I know I will be there. Keep working hard it will pay off, promise.


Hi Gina,

Your fellow hosts have made some great recommendations!

If you’re looking for more tips, our team put together a Beginner’s Guide to hosting on Peerspace (which includes a recommendation to post here in the forum for advice!). You’re already off to a great start and we’re thrilled to have you a part of the Peerspace community.