Guest Cancellation Outside of the Platform

Hello fellow hosts,

I was hoping I could get some input on what to do when a guest cancels but does not mark the event as cancelled on the platform. I had a guest cancel less than 24 hours before their event via email and they have since ghosted me.

Thankfully, my venue will still be receiving the full payout for this booking, but I am wondering how to handle the review. I do not particularly want to review an event that did not happen and I definitely do not want them reviewing my space if they did not use it (plus what if they are upset that they forfeited the entirety of their payment?).

I already emailed support about this, but have yet to receive a response and I know the platform stops you from replying to messages and booking inquiries until you submit your reviews. I just don’t want my response score to be affected.


Guests trying to circumvent the posted cancellation policy are common. Give them a whatever star review and wait for Peerspace to reply back. The same happened to me and Peerspace ‘expired’ their ability to leave a review (I called them though).

I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon!


Send a copy of the messages to Peerspace, they will know what to do.
Good luck.
Happens all the time :slight_smile:

I leave 5 stars and write “guest cancelled” or “guest was a no-show” in the comments section. It’s a bit awkward but there is not much else to do until Peerspace addresses the issue.

What would you like to see in place of the current system? We may be able to provide them with useful feedback in these forums that results in effective change on the platform…


Thank you everyone for your help!

I think if I were to make changes to the current system I would make it so that when the review email goes out it gives the option for hosts to report a specific issue with a booking, rather than forcing the review. Basically giving two buttons: one for “Review” one for “Additional Assistance” and going through the procedures for either will unlock your ability to respond to messages again.

That or just take away the forced review system entirely.