What’s the protocol for a no-show?

I just had first no-show. We reached out via the app but the client is silent and didn’t show up for his booking.

I get that I’ll get paid. However, how do I handle the review? I’m not really sure how to “Star” a no-show.


Send an email to help@peerspace.com.

We’ve had a few no shows (including one just yesterday) and out of all of them, I think only one left a review. They made it a four star review (why four stars lol) and so I contacted PS and they removed it…

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Thanks Deacon. I have a feeling this client doesn’t understand that he’s still getting charged so I was concerned about a negative review. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow.

I always have that same worry! Peerspace is so much more understanding than one might expect and I’ve seen them yank unfair reviews within a couple of hours!

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