Feature Request: Cut-off time for no shows

Hello - I recently had my first severely late client show up 2-hours past their start time, on a 6-hour booking. And the client was non-responsive for a good portion of that time. All ended well, but it got me thinking: it would be really helpful to have a Peerspace articulated cut off time if a client doesn’t show.

Perhaps a percentage of the booked time? Like 20%? So on a 6-hour booking, the host would be expected to wait and keep the space available for an hour and a half. But then after that can shut things down and move on with their day if there’s no communication or no “we’re running late” messages coming from the guest.

Thanks for considering it!

I agree with this. There are some hosts that operate several locations and are only present to ‘greet’ the guests.

Having to wait two hours before they show up can be disruptive to other bookings.

I would suggest in the meantime, add something to your house rules stating that if a guest is more than 30 minutes late with no communication, you will assume that they are cancelling.

This should make it legally binding, as it would then be part of the rental contract.

Good idea. I rep many locations so waiting is not fun. I’ve only had one client an hour late so far and I waited but his crew was already there. On the other end I find my crews show up too early and then I have to consider billing them for that extra time. I wait til the end to consider any OT, sometimes they make it up on the end. But it’s also so inconsiderate to arrive early and be expected to be able to access my locations. How do you handle anyone who shows up early?

I also have multiple locations but I always have a PC or a laptop nearby to get other things done. I am in communication with the guest at all times(before, during and after).

If it’s like five minutes, I’ll cut them a break and let them in. I even let someone in 7 minutes early last night, but then they left about seven minutes early as well.

It’s weird, but I have only gotten may 10 people who’ve come super early to this space. I just tell them that the space won’t be ready until their scheduled time and they’ve always been fine.

At my old place, I used to get people trying to come in an hour early all the time!

I do have a problem with people trying to stay late, but I set good boundaries now. If I like them and they seem cool, I might let them stay a little late, but it’s rare. I have a toddler and so my fiancee and him go to her mother’s house while I’m hosting, so he’s not making too much noise.

it’s stressful for him to be away and they’re both pretty bored by the time I’m done, so I like to keep things punctual.

oh and I should probably add that you should set expectations at the beginning. I’ll usually tell people “I have another group coming in after you” or "my family is coming home right at " so I need to see tail lights by your end time.

The other day, I had a guest that was running over their time anyways and I really just didn’t feel like being confrontational that day (it’s draining and stressful) so my fiancee came back with our son and was like “why are you guys still shooting? You need to go now”. Worked like a charm and I saved face with the guests and they even apologize because they saw that, indeed, we have a four year old and they should be ashamed at not picking up and heading out.

Honestly though, a good feature addition would be a ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ system that both the guest and the host click on when the guest arrives and when they leave.

There should be automated notices 30 minutes and 15 minutes before the end of the booking and a final warning at the end time that they are entering into overtime.

That way it’s automated and non confrontational. I’m not AT ALL afraid to approach someone, but too often people catch an attitude about me setting time boundaries

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I like that idea a lot @Deacon_T. The check in and check out system would be such a great way of ensuring overtime is always charged and would be advantageous to both the host and Peerspace by making certain that the additional income is collected. Completely agree that having it be automated and non-confrontational would be incredibly beneficial. And I’m right there with you with not being afraid to approach the guest but it often provokes a sudden unwarranted negative vibe that this would easily solve when you’re hoping to avoid giving them a reason to give less than 5 stars.

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