How Long do You Wait on a Late or No Show?

So we got a last minute booking from a prior guest we had an amazing experience with, so we allowed them to book for today (a 6-hour photoshoot). Well, they were supposed to arrive and 9am, and it’s nearly 10am - and they are not responding to messages.

  1. How long do I stay “client ready”? Or just close up shop?

I’ll be emailing Peerspace (@Deacon_T as taught me well!) in advance just to keep them in the loop, but I’m just wondering for myself - I wasn’t planning to be present the entire shoot and I have other appointments to get to shortly. If they would have been on time, no problem. But now I’m in limbo. Advice?

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It’s so funny that you mention me, because I am experiencing the exact same thing! :slight_smile:

We had a guest booked for today who showed up on the 11th (an entire week early) instead. I was confused and came down to the lobby to meet them and by the time I got down there, she ‘suddenly realized’ that she was here on the wrong day.

She then wanted to come up anyways, which wasn’t possible (the space wasn’t sanitized) and then she wanted a refund.

I told her about the cancellation and refund policy and the guys she was with became insulting.

I excused myself and she called maybe an hour later and got nastier with me. I’d just broken a $3k camera minutes before and told her that I was ending the calling to deal with the camera.

She had since sent me a torrent of nasty messages over the course of a few days and I wasn’t sure if she was showing up or not.

She was supposed to be here at 10 and she neither called, nor did she show up and I had literally asked myself the same question as you: how long do we wait?

My theory is 30 minutes.

The reason I say 30 minutes is because some hosts aren’t present for their bookings. They have other properties they rent, a job, business, kids, etc. We just can’t sit and wait the entire booking time.

But definitely agree with emailing Peerspace! I emailed them just the other day about today’s booking and reassured them that I was still willing to let them in and that I just wasn’t going to talk to them.


Wow! What a horrible situation. To be yelled at for their mistake. Sheesh.

30-minutes sounds fair. I think I’ll add this to my Rules section because I want the expectation to be set ahead of time.

Thanks @Deacon_T - and I’m sorry to hear about your camera! Hope it gets resolved soon. :slight_smile:

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totally my own fault. My fiancee had set it on a bookshelf and I didn’t realize it. I had to reboot our Eero router and when I unplugged it, I bumped the camera :frowning:

At least we’re insured!!

And yeah, I get into these situations more often than I should, haha. It seems I have a new drama unfolding every week :smiley:

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Dear Deacon,

Since you seem to have such bad luck with guests (to quote you “I get into these situations more often than I should, haha. It seems I have a new drama unfolding every week”) I was curious to see your reviews. I looked them up and to my surprise, EVERYBODY LOVES YOU !!! So, what happened to the jerks who threatened to write you bad reviews? Did you get them all removed, or did they simply change their minds when they realized what a wonderful host you obviously are.

It’s a mix! So some have been really crappy to me, but then left me a good review when my space was just too good to complain about.

Some have left me extremely nasty reviews (including one that was blatantly and shockingly racist). Remember that when you receive an unfair review, or a review with nasty personal comments, you can submit your evidence in to Peerspace and have them make a decision on whether or not to ‘expire’ the review. Peerspace is pretty fair about this.

Others just haven’t left me reviews YET.

Not to sound arrogant or anything, but I think I’m actually a really good host. I’m polite and I really care about the safety and cleanliness of our space. We spend about 2.5 hours cleaning and sanitizing every single morning.

I’m polite, presentable and our space is pretty awesome (I’m not even going to lie, it’s a really cool space).

On the other hand, I am a stickler for rules. Time in, time out, don’t jump on my furniture, that sort of thing.

We live in an age where people are extremely immature and entitled. Giving the example of today’s booking, who felt that she was entitled to come a week early and then entitled to make disrespectful comments and entitled to a refund, entitled, entitled, entitled, me me me.

It’s draining and is so different from how people handle things where I’m from (Milwaukee, WI). Dealing with people like that while maintaining the veneer of calm professionalism is difficult and I don’t know how LA people do it. The only reason I have handled it so well is that I have a toddler and a teenage goddaughter and that’s what many SoCal folks act like (in my opinion of course) :).


Oddly enough, Peerspace does not seem to indicate a cutoff time for no shows.

Me personally, if I’m at my space working anyway, people can show up whenever, but they have to be out at the previously agreed upon time. If I would prefer to leave or do something else, I send a message at the 15 mins late point letting them know that in another 15 mins I’m out the door (30 mins grace).

This has only happened maybe 3-4 times.

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That is odd that there’s no policy around it formally stated - seems like it would be a helpful thing, for guests and hosts. Thanks for your reply!

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EXCELLENT suggestion!!

It might not even be a bad idea to add something to your house rules stating that if a guest is more than 30 minutes late with no communication, you will assume that they are cancelling.

This should make it legally binding, as it would then be part of the rental contract.

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As to the cancellation for late guests–you had better add “assumed cancelled with NO REFUND” just to be clear.

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Agreed! This is a good point!

Another lesson I have learned the hard way: Twice I have had requests to allow people in early supposedly to just sanitize. I do not have back to back bookings, so I allowed with without charge. Then, they showed up with the entire crew. One was honest enough to agree to overtime. The other wasn’t so honest. I didn’t charge her for that, but when she went overtime on the other end, I did charge for that after letting her bargain me down on the amount of time. After finally paying (but making it difficult for me to collect) she wrote me a vile, vicious text message saying, amongst other things, that I was not suitable to host. She also told me that unfortunately for me, she and her boyfriend knew everyone in Hollywood and would spread the bad word. I could barely contain myself from texting her back a screen shot of my reviews stating the opposite. No good deed goes unpunished. !

You have the right mindset for this! Never be afraid to be tough! Because I have a toddler and I’ve had such bad experienced with overtime, I almost never agree to it anymore.

Today I turned off all the lights via Alexa on a hip hop music video and ordered them to get out. It was about to get intense. I don’t give a darn who it is or who they claim they know, I have no more tolerance for nonsense.

Tonight’s booking booked for two people and brought 7 or 8, which happens a LOT. Ugh. I’ve only got a couple more months left in me, but am going to raise my rates for a little while I think haha