Concierge popping up in chats - but not easily identified


Hello, does anyone else have issues with peerspace concierge services? The concierge is popping up in the chats (but I see it as the client because only the client photo shows) and then we are all confused about who is who. So the client thinks she is talking to us (the host), when she is talking to peerspace. The peerspace reps should show with their own photo like we do as host and clients.


Yes, I have had that issue and when the guests came to see the space they were confused and frustrated that they were told conflicting info. I sent a message to the Concierge and asked that they do not jump in on my conversations. They haven’t done so since, however I also seem to be getting less requests to see the space. All of the resent Peerspace “improvements” have proven very challenging to hosts.