0 Inquiries since I began my Listing

Hi Peerspace Community,

I listed my space over a month ago and I have not received even one inquiry yet. My place is in the Hollywood Hills and is competitively priced and is on the lower end for a house in this area. Can anyone give me tips and tricks to get more interest in my place?


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There is a lot of competition in Hollywood Hills…I would point out the uniqueness of your space and offer something more than just a space. Also rethink your listing wording and lastly make sure your images look great. Hope this help

@Archie_R well written.
Also maybe it’s your title or first image.

Hi Rob, best is to share a link to your listing for others to review.

Go to Listings, then click on the ellipsis to the right of any listing you want to share. Click on Copy Link and past in a message here.

Peerspace is driving us all out of business. they force us all to compete so we lower our prices again and again until its not even profitable. these people are poison to the rental businesses. I said this months back and my situation is getting even worse. I’ve dropped my prices to a ridiculous level and it hasn’t increased traffic one bit. Next I am going to vacatye my space that i pay over $9k per month to rent. It’s a losing proposition ever since these companies have gotten invoived, peerspace, event up, space for shoots… theyre all the same and will be the death of us all.