You typically respond within X hrs. It would be better if this only counted during business hours

I just started here and I’ve been very dedicated to answering super fast. Last night I have a guy who hits me up at 1AM in the morning. I replied at 9AM because I’m a normal human who sleeps at night but now my average has dropped down to 2 hours which seems unfair.

I’m kinda bummed to see stuff like, “Protect your response rate by replying to this inquiry. If you’re not interested or need more time, just let the guest know.” I can only do so much. I can’t stay up 24 hours a day to keep my rating up.

Feature request: Can we make the average time to reply a number that reflects business hours? Even hours where people might actually be awake?


Hi Brissa, all hosts feel your pain. This has been discussed in another thread, and it frustrates all of us. I had 5 or 6 inquiries in the middle of the night recently, so that shot my response time as well. The good news is that you can get it back to 1 hour pretty quickly. And hopefully Peerspace will come up with a way to block some of the night hours from the calculations.


Hey Brissa – Agreed! Very annoying. I have had a few conversations with team members at Peerspace about that. I also just recently found out my status as “Power Host” was removed this month due to my response rate falling to 88% (minimum for “Power Host” is 90%)…I asked what they are referring to since I respond to every single guest, usually within an hour or two. I didn’t get an answer on that last one. It’s super irritating honestly!!


Hi all, thanks for chiming in! Just to clarify, while we do count responsiveness for inquiries received in the middle of the night, the response time to those inquiries are adjusted to account for the fact that the inquiry was received overnight. For example, if you receive an inquiry at 11pm and respond at 9am (10 hours later) our system will assume a 2 hour response time (1/5th of the actual time). We still encourage hosts to respond as quickly as they are able to. I hope that clarifies the way responsiveness is calculated. Best, Rony


Good to hear Rony, that helps.


The client messages me at 1:09 AM and I responded at 9:07 AM. In my mind that’s 7 minutes on the clock if we’re counting work hours. This idea that your algorithm is only hitting my response time by 1/5th isn’t really cool if I’m being honest. Because of this Power Host dynamic you guys have created you’re still holding me hostage to late night inquiries.

It’s either business hours or not. Full stop.

If the goal is to have satisfied customers what you’re implying is that the customer would be unhappy with a message in his inbox at 9:07 in the morning. I don’t find that unreasonable and I don’t think a client who was up in the middle of the night shopping for a space would have that expectation either so the question is why does Peerspace?


No Rony, your answer does not clarify how this responsiveness “adjustment” is calculated.

Where does this 1/5th or 2-hour “assumption” come from? What is the logic behind this metric? Exactly what time does “overnight” start and end on the West Coast as opposed to the East Coast? Where on the Peerspace website in the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines are the parameters posted for this formula? I have read the entirety and can’t find any mention.

Business hours are typically between 8:00AM and 6:00PM in three time-zones in the USA, and therefore your 10-hour window example for Host responses does not work.

Just this past Holiday season I was out of the country for four weeks visiting my family who lives some nine (9) times-zones away. I received several inquiries for rentals while there and stayed up late at night or responded the next morning. I replied to each and every inquiry and secured several Bookings.

However, I was asleep during some of San Francisco’s normal business hours when inquiries came in. If I responded shortly after 9:00AM the next morning (Spain GMT +1), it was delivered after the close of normal business hours in San Francisco; as a result, my response rate fell to 89—and just today I was notified that I lost my ‘Power Host’ status until at least April!!!

My five (5) years of hosting over 150 5-star HIGH HOURLY RATE BOOKINGS repeatedly for ALL of the top name high-tech and medical companies in the San Francisco Bay Area has generated noteworthy fees for Peerspace. My reward?..loss of “Power Host” status.

This subjective and arbitrary Response Rate concept was dreamed up by someone who failed to take into consideration all the possible problems it has now created. Change your responsiveness clock to begin 24-hours after an inquiry or dump the Response Rate idea altogether.

What Peerspace should really be focused on is determining which Hosts GENERATE THE MOST REVENUES for the company, and by respective region, and reward those Hosts by placing their listings at the TOP OF EVERY SEARCH in realtime and in order of success.

Then, discount the Peerspace service fees by 5% when a high achieving Host consistently reaches said status (say for the month). Cut off the number of qualifying Hosts at say 15 or 20 to generate competition. The response time will self-correct.


Rony, I left my reply last night which was 10 hours ago. It’s 9:07 AM the next morning and I still haven’t heard fror you!?

(lol, sorry I couldn’t resist)


This just came in 2-minutes after my posting. Keep an eye out for these PS oversights and UI problems folks! Protect your “Power User” status and demand better Host support!

*** see my posting under “How do you encourage a Guest to leave a 5-star review” regarding multiple Guest accounts.


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Hi all - I love all this engagement :slight_smile:

Another important clarification is the difference between “response time” and “response rate”.

Response time is what we have been discussing on this thread, and is what is displayed to guests on your listing page. The purpose of this metric is to give guests a general sense of when they should expect a reply.

Response rate is what is used when determining power host status. Response rate basically asks “did the host respond within 24 hours?”. If this is above 90% for all inquiries in the quarter, you satisfy that metric for power host status. See this link for more details:

We use response rate as one component for determining power host because we do not want overnight inquiries to be the reason a host loses power host status!

Please let me know if there are any additional questions. Best, Rony

I have had one or two duplicate inquiries come in recently as well, so might be something for Peerspace to look at in the software. Likewise they came around 1am, so I got doubly dinged for the morning response time. I did respond to both to cover my response rate.

Yes, I agree!! When I get an evening request, I cannot answer until the morning and it looks like I have an 8 hour response time. During the day, I usually always answer within the first hour or two, but it never changes the rate.

I also wish there was a way to put an “away message” or an auto response into the system for vacations. I was told the best way to do this is to hide your listing for the time you are on vacation, but you would still need to personally update all the clients you are in communication with that you are going out of town. Unless you wanted to be tied to your messages over vacation…which I am not a fan of!

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Remember when we only had answering machines? In light of the Power Host status banter… I’m feeling that being judged on the parameters of what technology allows can be frustrating on either end. Case and point…I’ve needed a company to clean my area rugs and that sit in my garage because of reviews that sway me a little too much. Are they real, are they bogus?

Meanwhile I sit frozen not knowing who to call, I’m sure we can all relate on some level. Just wishing for simpler times…yet I’m a huge Peerspace fan : ) In the end, seeing happy reviews from guests should not impinge too much on a response time. Especially when you do respond quickly and then never hear back from that person at all after your midnight reply : ( lol


Same also happens when the conversation is kind of over but you still have to be the last one to answer back, no?

For example a viewing has been agreed on, or a booking. Then you say thanks, see you then, and then the renter says the same thing. You still have to awkwardly say something back AGAIN, just to have “answered” that message.


I thought the same thing and was always trying to find ways to be the last one to respond to a message - and then I read that the response time is only counted from the first time you respond.

From peerspace:

''What is my response time?

Your response time is the average number of hours it takes you to respond to new inquiries and requests. It is not affected by follow-up messages, so you don’t need to send the final message in a conversation. If a guest sends you a booking request, replying with a message or accepting/declining counts as a response.

Your response time is displayed on each of your listings. Maintaining a good response time will show guests that you are an active and reliable host.

What is my response rate?

Your response rate is the percentage of inquiries and requests from the past 90 days that you responded to within 24 hours. When a guest requests to book your space, replying to them or accepting/declining the booking counts as a response.

Your response rate is not affected by follow-up messages after the initial inquiry, so you don’t need to send the final message in a conversation. Having a response rate of 90% or higher will make you eligible to become a Power Host. ‘’



Looks like the thread is over a year old and no changes were made. At what point do the devs decide to come up with a viable solution for a thread like that with so much engagement, echoing the same concern?

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I am fairly new to peerspace but have been trying my very best to respond within 30mins to an hour of time frame when we receive a potential booking request or message. Unfortunately, my respond rate had gone down from one hour to 12hr. This is super puzzling…wondering if anyone receive any help regarding the respond time issue.