Response Time Should Allow You To Sleep Without Being Penalized!

So I have a little bone to pick about the response rate. Almost daily, I get 50% of either inquiries or booking requests after 11pm. Because of this, I’ve seen myself not be able to feel comfortable going to sleep because I’m so fearful that I’ll fall asleep and 6-8 hours later when I get up I’ll have several messages that I haven’t gotten to. As clearly noted by Peerspace, your response rate can either improve or hurt your ranking in search.

With that, I have a suggestion for the devs. Allow hosts to have an 8-hour period, specified by the host, where they will not be penalized for not responding immediately to inquiries. Allowing hosts to sleep a little easier knowing that they won’t get penalized for not responding because they are asleep. Anyone else have this issue?


Hi Lance,

Thank you for sharing your concerns. We have another thread below that directly addresses all of your concerns.


Thanks, Lawrence. Looks like the thread is over a year old and no changes were made. At what point do the devs decide to come up with a viable solution for a thread like that with so much engagement, echoing the same concern?


Lance_R, I totally agree, our response time was drastically affected by this and with no fix offered, I added the text alert so I could respond all hours/days/times.


I agree there should be night time hiatus for response time as I have a perfect record but want to keep it that way.

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My response time varies from one to twelve hours every few days, and makes no sense at all as useful information— except as a vague indication that I am not asleep at the wheel and yes, I will answer an inquiry fairly rapidly. I have stopped paying any attention to it.
In any case, this subject hardly seems valid anymore; around here anyway, my inquiries are at their lowest since August. Gee, for some strange reason, people seem to be avoiding large gatherings these days…

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I 100% agree that response times should not be calculated using inquires outside standard business hours.

Here’s another issue with response time that I feel should be resolved:

It calculates based on only the last few days or responses (aplogies for being vague - Peerspace hasn’t published the criteria they use which is another issue). So, even though we respond within one hour 90%+ of the time, if we fail to respond within one hour ONCE (always off hours or overnight) our response time jumps way up.

For example: we had maintained an under 1 hour response time for weeks until last night. We had a lead come in at 7:16pm and we weren’t able to able to respond until 8:30 this morning (I’m sick and our Ops Director has a rare night off). Now our response time is under 3 hrs so it jumped up 2 full hours for one ‘belated’ reply even though we have hundreds of replies within minutes over the past few years.

@peerspace-team what is the criteria you’re using to calculate response time and why doesn’t it take the average of ALL of our response times over the course of our time on the platform?

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