Response Times- overnight inquiries

I recently have received a lot of inquiries between midnight and 4 am. Which unfortunately has continually affected my response times. Is Peerspace doing anything to lesson the effect of inquiries during this time? Even if I typically respond within an hour, there is nothing I can do if I get 2-3 inquiries at 2am and can not respond until 7 or 8 am? Also considering your most recent inquiries weigh more heavily on your response times. Is anyone else experiencing this? I will usually get 1 multiple days in a row and watch my response time go from 1 hour to 2 to 3. And then take 9+ inquiries within an hour to get the response time back down.


Just wanted you to know we’re having the same issue. It seems people like to shop for a shooting locrtion after business hours. We also just had soemone try and book our space at 6:30am for a 10am shoot. The platform canceled that request because I didn’t respond within 48 hours. Clearly the software isn’t mature at this point.

I’ve asked multiple times if there’s a changelog so we can see what they are worknig on but I never get an answer. I’m begining to wonder if they are even currently working on the platform to fix these issues.

First off, if you are getting so many inquiries, then a longer response time listed is obviously not hurting you, so worry not. Second, what I do if I cannot answer in full, is just give a quick response–something like “I cannot answer you in full just now but will in the morning around ___AM” If you can do some sort of auto text, it should make that easier. Hope that helps.

Jealously yours :wink:


I have been out of the country and tried my best to get confirmed bookings my response rate is sitting on 3 hours for two days, I will respond quicker knowing it will decrease as we go along.

I have had a few inquiries at that time as well. There need to be an adjustment for that in the software.

I understand your frustration but keep up the good work it will decrease.

I hear you on the overnight response time. Booking requests outside business hrs really shouldn’t penalize hosts. Hopefully, Peerspace is working on it. They’ve been working fast at improving the platform. While I try to respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries, I finally decided it’s unreasonable for me or for any employees to be checking messages 24/7. I still get consistent inquiries even last minute inquiries, so I’ve decided it’s not worth the stress.

Hi all, This was discussed on a separate thread so I’ll paste my previous response…
Just to clarify, while we do count responsiveness for inquiries received in the middle of the night, the response time to those inquiries are adjusted to account for the fact that the inquiry was received overnight. For example, if you receive an inquiry at 11pm and respond at 9am (10 hours later) our system will assume a 2 hour response time (1/5th of the actual time). We still encourage hosts to respond as quickly as they are able to. I hope that clarifies the way overnight responsiveness is calculated. Best, Rony


Thank you Rony for clarifying.

What is the thought process behind the 1/5? Why is that period of time not excluded from the responsiveness calculation entirely?