Your Questions Answered: Recapping June's Host Webinar

Thank you to the host community for attending this month’s webinar “Productions During COVID-19: The Guest’s Perspective”. We received a lot of great questions from hosts and have provided consolidated answers here. We look forward to bringing hosts more content in the coming months.

Host Webinar Q&A Summary

Webinar Information:
Q: How can I watch a replay of the webinar?

A: If you RSVP’d for the panel, you should have received an email from Livestorm following the panel with a link to the webinar for replaying at your convenience. If you did not RSVP, send us an email at and we will see about getting a viewable link to you.

Q: Can I view a copy of the presentation that showcases the new features Peerspace is releasing and how they work?

A: Yes, all the information about our new features that hosts can benefit from are viewable here.

Q: What is the background of the guests that were featured on the panel?

A: All guests on this panel are professional media producers who have worked with Peerspace hosts frequently in the past. Their names and titles are listed below.

  • Amy Robinson: Producer, Director, Writer @ Bradstar

  • Carling French: Producer & Owner @ French Productions

  • Marie-Anne Aizac: Sr. Producer @ Mattel

  • Sean Jacques: COO and en Executive Producer @ Colormatics

  • Tim Wu: Executive Producer @ Illium Pictures

COVID-19 Measures and questions about liability:
Q: Where can I learn more about the COVID-19 Enhanced Measures program and implement this in my listings?

A: Feel free to visit here to learn more about our new COVID-19 Health & Safety measures.

Q: Will Peerspace provide a liability waiver that hosts can have guests sign?

A: Peerspace is unable to provide a waiver of liability for hosts at this time, but we are working on critical updates to the Peerspace Sevices Agreement which clarifies questions about liability for hosts and guests relating to COVID-19 risks. We hope to have an update soon.

In the meantime, hosts are permitted to provide their own waivers for guest acknowledgement or signature as long as this requirement is communicated to the guest ahead of time in your listings rules and Peerspace messaging. Remember, the terms of any agreement between you and your guest must not contradict other elements of the Peerspace Services Agreement in a way that would prevent Peerspace from being able to support you in the event of a dispute.

Q: Does Peerspace’s Host Insurance protect me from COVID-19 liability?

A: Like most general liability policies, Peerspace’s host insurance does not include coverage for communicable disease. It is likely that your personal general liability policy does not cover it either. We will have updates to make shortly about how the Peerspace Services Agreement clarifies COVID-19 reliability for all parties.

Questions for the panel of guests:
Q: Do panelists envision needing indoor and outdoor space to comply with social distancing guidelines?

A: The answer here was a resounding yes! Whether they are using additional space for shooting, production meetings, lunch breaks, or anything in between, it is helpful for the crew to have an area separate from the site of the primary production to be able to keep six feet apart and limit their exposure. Panelists prefer this space to be outside if the shoot is taking place indoors.

Product Suggestions and Feedback:
Q: I am frequently asked by prospective guests if they can tour my space before booking. Will Peerspace build a tool that makes site visit scheduling easier?

A: Site visit scheduling is on our very long list of features to add in the future. We don’t have a committed date for it right now. However, we are working on numerous ways for hosts to easily provide guests with a better understanding of their physical space, from space type and style tagging, to improved photography viewing, to video walkthroughs and virtual tours.

Q: Is Peerspace going to integrate the ability to do live calls or live virtual tours through the Platform so I can work with guests in real time online?

A: Virtual and Video tours are definitely features we would like to implement in the near future. Stay tuned.

Q: Will Peerspace add the ability to send additional information directly to the guest or producer as attachments via PS messaging?

A: Many hosts have asked for the ability to send attachments in messages for things like additional photos, rules acknowledgements, and add-ons that can help them close bookings with prospective guests. This is definitely on our radar, though not available at this time.

Q: Does Peerspace collect identification from users as a requirement to sign up?

A: We do not require a legal ID to join; however, we do have a Trust & Safety team that employs many tools to monitor fraud and other risk factors we may find on platform. In certain cases, we may ask users for a form of government ID, legal rights to list a space, or use other verification methods. We do not guarantee the vetting of guests and encourage you to be vigilant about any questions you have regarding risk. You are free to decline booking requests or cancel bookings that appear to be in violation of our Community Guidelines or your stated rules. Remember, you are responsible for the safety of yourself, your space, and your guests so be sure to ask questions before, during, and after the booking and only accept bookings for activities you are comfortable with.

Q: How does response time factor in off-hours? For ex. 12am-8am?

A: In short, we do not count overnight inquiries in the measure of your response time. There is a related conversation in our host forum you can find here.

Host Add-Ons:
Q: What is Peerspace’s policy for charging for Add-Ons and services on the platform? If guests want to avoid extra fees by paying me directly, will Peerspace penalize me for taking payments off-line?

A: Peerspace services include the ability for hosts to list their space and amenities so they can be booked by guests for an end-to-end experience. This means that space and add-ons are subject to the service fee when they are booked. Running payments through Peerspace allows us to market your listings, support your bookings, and include insurance and dispute resolution provisions. Circumventing the platform in order to avoid fees is a violation of our terms and a potential barrier to continued use of the platform so please be sure to include all add-ons in your booking subtotal.

Bookings during COVID-19:
Q: Since productions are taking longer to complete in a safe manner, are hosts changing their pricing to make bookings more accessible to guests in this environment?

A: Like so many things during this period, it is unclear what the new norm will be for rental pricing. We encourage you to monitor pricing changes being made by spaces like yours in your area and utilize Custom Offer as a means to close the deal with a guest if it appears your current price is a barrier.

Q: Should hosts be accommodating to guests who want full refund flexibility for bookings in the future?

A: As a host, you set the cancellation policy for your space that you feel most comfortable with. We encourage you to re-evaluate your chosen policy occasionally to make sure it is still working for your business. The details of our Cancellation Policy can be found here.