Preparing for and hosting bookings post Covid-19

Hi Hosts,

In light of how Covid-19 will change the way the world operates, we’re curious to hear about changes you are making to the way you will prepare for and host bookings. Are you changing the way you clean & disinfect your space? Are you planning to set up your space differently or post health & safety information to your guests? We are working on updating listings to communicate how hosts are creating safe spaces for guests as cities reopen, so we’d love to hear your feedback in the replies below if you’re willing to share!


Dear Rony- You do not have to post this, but I am dismayed that you as Founder and Chief Product Officer have not done research of your own and come up with some guidelines or ways that Peerspace can help hosts and Splacer has already done so


Hi @Elizabeth_K , we have done plenty of research and have held a host webinar on the subject. As we are planning to add more cleaning details to the product in the coming weeks I wanted to hear from hosts on specific approaches to their spaces to make sure we have a comprehensive approach.

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The safety of our guests is of utmost importance. Many hosts are prepared to take additional measures to protect the safety and security of guests at our property. It would be nice if Peerspace would include a section on our profile page to highlight these extra measures. Measures should include: extra cleaning of commonly touched surfaces, hand sanitizers on site, mask requirements for guests, disinfecting spaces after use (cleaning fee), restricting group size based on local regulations, and possibly requiring guests to sign waiver indicating travel, illness, and current body temp.

Hi Rony,

My space is located in the epicenter of the world (aka NYC). We’ve always be extremely contentious about cleaning our space so there’s no adjustments needed there. Whatever space/square foot per person limitations the city recommends, we’ll follow. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more one can do. I have been following all the data (medical, social and financial) since January. At the end of the day, we need to protect our at risk citizens (70 or above in age / preexisting co-morbidity) and that’s it. The rest of us can choose to live our lives or stay home until someone we feel we can trust tells us it’s “safe” to starting living again. Speaking very candidly, we’re more than likely be out of business due to being shut down indefinitely and, when things do come back up, the economy is so shot - there won’t be many opportunities to rent space. At least in Manhattan. We’re, of course, hoping for the best but aren’t blinding ourselves to actuality. I’m excited to see though how other locations around the country can flourish after this.



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We’ve adjusted the max number of occupants to 10 to be compliant with DC’s State of Emergency mandates and will probably stay close to that even after the mayor declares it has ended, simply because of our square footage. We’re cleaning the property according the same standards we use when it’s booked as an AirBnB. And we’ll likely require face masks for most, if not all, rentals. I just wish folks read house rules and the entire listing before reaching out to us only to be denied.

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I like the recommendation of having a peerspace waiver that people sign that the peerspace host is not responsible for people’s health status nor if someone gets sick at a hosted event.


From what I have read thus far, sounds like we each should have our own clearly written safety policies and procedures stating what we are doing to ensure the welfare of our guests. We then should have every guest in our space sign a waiver that references our policies and procedures. The two go hand in hand.

And while the waiver sounds good, it still will not likely protect you in case of negligence on your part. @Rony_C perhaps Peerspace legal could offer some guidance?

Our plan is to present our safety policies and procedures online, in advance, and have the waiver online to be signed electronically (Docusign or similar service).

One of my biggest questions is about responsibility/liability. Do we need to man the door to ensure that every guest has signed a waiver? Will it be enough to have the renter alone sign a waiver? Are we responsible if the renter and their guests are not wearing masks, social distancing?

Studio productions will require a Health and Safety Officer. What about smaller productions? Events? Meetings? Where does our responsibility end if we are just providing the space?


I really appreciate everyones input. The team is currently working on a new feature which will allow hosts to describe their cleaning and safety procedures in more detail. This will include a list of CDC recommendations that hosts can acknowledge they follow as well as a free form to describe your cleaning & safety procedures. I’ll share more details on this program once we get it live. Best, Rony


In the name of less physical contact in the space, we are making the following updates in the bathroom:

  • We had a roll of paper towels on a rack, now replaced with a folded paper towel dispenser;
  • Added wall-mounted tissue dispensers in the bathroom and just outside the door, guests can use to avoid contact with doorknobs, toilet and faucet;
  • Adding tabs to lift toilet seat and cover;
  • Added a paper toilet seat cover dispenser;
  • Tall trash can inside with foot pedal;
  • Small trash can with foot pedal outside bathroom door for tissues;
  • Likely will add a motion sensor to light switch;
  • Likely to add motion sensor to faucet.

Also, it is worth considering some updates that simply help guests to feel safer, even if we are not entirely sure about their effectiveness.



Peerspace has included a liability policy. for each rental. Are there any updates to include or exclude Covid 19 related claims? Prior to Covid 19, it seemed that Peerspace terms of services did not allow hosts to have any off site agreements with our renters. I have read reviews from renters of other venues who complained that they were given a contract off site. Will you clarify whether Peerspace will update the site to include policies and waivers related to Covid 19 and are you suggesting that we also have our own for individual guests? It will be a point of contention with guests if we don’t have something formalized on the platform.

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Hi @Gina_W, thanks for your note. We plan to share an update on this topic soon. Best, Rony

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Hi all -

Thank you for sharing your feedback on this thread and with the Peerspace team directly. We’ve now clarified the standard cleaning requirements that should be followed before each booking. You can find more details here

In the coming weeks we will launch the option to describe your cleaning process in more detail and select from a list of enhanced cleaning measures recommended by the CDC. Your cleaning description and enhanced measures will be displayed on your listing page. Hosts that follow enhanced cleaning measures will also receive a badge on their listing page which will make it easier for guests to find you in search.

We’re also working on a resource center that will include checklists and other materials to help you host safely on Peerspace.

Thanks again for your patience and contributions to our community.



Thank you! This will be helpful

Thank you @Rony_C. I believe the CDC says warm or cold water for washing hands is acceptable.

Opening windows is a challenge for us as we want to contain noise.

Hosts can go to for a list of approved cleaning and sanitizing products.

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Cleaning cleaning cleaning, yes, of course it’s important, BUT what’s REALLY REALLY important for us hosts is having a disclaimer in our contracts that we are not liable if someone gets sick while in our space !!!

Please provide us hosts with a Covid-19 health disclaimer in the PeerSpace terms of service ASAP!!!

This needs to be embedded in PeerSpace’s site rules which cover all hosts, and not left to each individual host to write a long legal document in our site description.

The ASMP just had a good webinar about this and provided a sample Covid-19 contract for production spaces and I recommend PeerSpace use it as a framework.


Good Morning Rony, I’ve been working with Peerspace for quite sometime. We do have a lot of experience hosting photo and film shoots. FilmLa has posted guidelines for shooting. While we have always maintained the highest of cleanliness standards, there are a few things that I see as important guidelines for the future.

  1. Specifically for film production: Hosts should be offering a clean house, but production should take responsibility for cleaning before and after a shoot. Why? It would be too expensive to have professional cleaners before and after every shoot. Minimum cost for professional cleaners is 25cents a square foot, that’s about 600$ before, and 600$ after. I do think we should offer all kinds of hand cleaners, fresh paper towels, spare masks and gloves etc. as a courtesy.

  2. This is a debatable approach, but one I experienced yesterday at a restaurant, and it was fairly smooth and seems helpful. Perhaps we should have every guest sign in with our site rep, and have their thermal temperature taken, and ask for their phone number, so if we are aware of an issue, we can contact each guest, if we needed to. This seems like a good starting point to insure safety.

  3. Production should be required to make sure social distancing is enforced. Our sit reps should not govern behavior on a shoot. This could lead to bad feelings. We definitely don’t want to engage in being the judge of what’s socially correct. Because privacy is important, we should let a group make decisions without our interference. However, if a group is too non-compliant, we should ask them to be reasonable.

  4. We have fortunately not experienced Covid in our house. If something does occur on our property, we shouldn’t take responsibility for it, and nor should Peerspace. For this reason, I think the county of Los Angele’s guidelines for shoots is the correct path, and I don’t think we should be inventing our own rules (with the exception of point 2, as this would keep things in check, preferably production would do this.).

Perhaps, where filming is concerned, Peerspace should adopt the county’s approach. It’s the most reasonable way economically, and the best to protect Hosts and Peerspace.

Obviously this is all new for everyone, and hopefully we will be putting all of this behind us very soon. And that’s my two cents… stay safe. Jonathan

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In regards to the badge that will be given out for “enhanced measures” how will the stipulation “Schedule a licensed professional cleaner to come between bookings” be verified? Licensed by whom for what? In fact how will all the requirements be enforced? Will it be an honor system? Also I am assuming a cleaning service like that would sometimes cost more than our rentals. I think it would be better if the required enhanced cleaning was outlined and no matter who does it you can still get a badge if you take the time and effort to do it. Let me know your thoughts.


Welcome Johnathan_L! Thanks so much for your input

Hi all,

Today we’re happy to announced the launch of the Enhanced COVID-19 Measures feature. Hosts can now describe their cleaning and safety process in more detail and select the enhanced measures you are taking from the list provided. If you meet the criteria outlined on the page you will earn the enhanced measures badge which will be displayed on your listing page. Learn more about this feature and access additional health and safety resources by following this link. We hope you find this information helpful!